Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Birthday Girl

Celebrating my Birthday in some pastel colors and a lot of sun.
Love this soft baby rosé vintage blouse from my mom. 

Montag, 21. April 2014

Westwing Home and Living Interior Design Treasures

I finally started to focus more on interior decoration. I'm into a very basic and clean style but of course with some special details. 

I just ordered a beautiful black longhair sheepskin via the interior design online shop westwing home and living. They have some great sales to moderate prices. You always pay less, than in store, because they've made some special deals. But the supply is for a limited time only. I found some pretty stuff there, if you're into decorating, you should definitely check it out. 

I still look for a affordable way to own a diamond chair or the eames chair. I'm not very into fakes, because I'd rather support the original design. So I will stroll around flea markets, and who knows, maybe I'll find one of those babies. 

And I promise, as soon as I did some decorating stuff - I'll show you some pictures. Till then, I'm looking for some inspiration on tumblr and co. Does anyone of you know some cool interior design blogs?

Picture via apenthus blog.

Freitag, 18. April 2014

Short hair - don't care.

My hair is way shorter than it was for a long time. Thanks to Julius from Art of Ghel Zurich! He did a great job. I'm soon going to write an article about haircare and especially about a very useful Hairstyle Product. 

I'm wearing:

Karo Shirt: H&M
Leopard Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike Air Vortex Vintage via Zalando

Bonsoir Chérie wants to say THANK YOU !

In a few days, I'm turning 24 and my Blog is turning 2. Time to think about my wishes. As I'm a very happy girl right know, being healthy, having a wonderful family and friends around me, there isn't anything deeply needed on top right now. 

I just wanted to thank all those who supported me so much, during these two years. All the friends and my family members, who took pictures of me in various outfit on many places all over the world. All of them were always so patiently and just made amazing photographs - the most important part of my blog.

And the ones who made it possible to have the feeling its worth doing all of this. You. Your comments and feedbacks are very important to me. To hear you like what I'm doing makes me happy. Thank you for you time!

And I want to say thanks to all the partners, who cooperated with Bonsoir Chérie. I'm still honoured to work with so many great companies. Thank you for your confidence.

In two years of hard work, countless hours spent in taking pictures, editing, writing and planning articles. There were always those moments, where I wasn't sure, where all of this is leading to. Is there a sense in posting pictures of my daily outfits, writing about fashion and lifestyle? But for me it always was part of my way to make my dream come true, to be able to participate in the fashion world. As a writer, stylist oder editor. And who knows, where this blog is leading me to.

Today, I really can say it was worth it. All those opportunities I had through the blog, and especially the people I've met. I've got to know so many wonderful people. No matter if they are bloggers, PR Agents, Photographers - so many of them really made my day when meeting up.  

Some of my most wonderful moments during my time as a blogger. I could post tons of images.
But all I want to say is: Thank you!

Some wonderful days in Paris, when some of my favorite pictures where made. Thanks to the boy who made all those wonderful pictures from the article Ballet de Paris.

Days in Berlin - a city where I spent a lot of time. Last visit was in january for my very first fashion week outside of switzerland.

Sneakerness in Paris. Staying in the most amazing rooftop apartment in whole paris, with the most adorable hosts.

First Pictures made with a my new canon, an very happy about the quality.

Flower Power for Weleda.

Pictures after a wonderful working day with an amazing team. Thank you Fabian!

Met those wonderful girls in Berlin at the Fashionweek. You are wonderful! <3

Meeting Kristina Bazan at the Stylight Afterparty.

Spring Love - Pastel and Neon Trend

Some beautiful stuff to complete your spring wardrobe. My favorites from right to left.

Easter Surprises - recently on my mind.

If you still need to get some little presents for easter, why not bring something different than chocolate?
(Or something on top) I will show you some of the products which were recently on my mind. 

For all of you, who have enough time to relax on easter holidays, some gifts to treat yourself. I love the art book "Don't eat the yellow snow". Quotes out of song texts. Some deep wisdom. Very funny and with some truth in it. And of course, Art Cards and Annabelle - the swiss fashion and lifestyle magazine.

I recently tested the products of Rausch - I wrote about the Rausch shampoo and conditioner before, and I'm very happy with these products. They are for hypoallergenic skin types and therefore without perfume and very natural. Now there is a body lotion in this line as well. Nourishing and gentle for your skin.

For haircare, I absolutely love the products of maroccanoil. You can order all of them via shampoo.ch
Here you see the hydrating hair mask.

I found that very cute easter gift at the Lush Shop. You even find a golden glitter egg there. That one smells like caramel - you're going to be in bathing heaven! The cute funny bunny surprise is wrapped in re-useable fabric. Would be fun to hide this. Especially for the little ones a nice surprise. 

The weleda wild rose oil pearls are wonderful for a weekly facial treatment. I use them before going to bed, and the next day, you got smooth skin. And I just love the scent. It smells like you're wandering through a rose garden. Perfect for sweet dreams.

 And if you just can't do it without chocolate, there s the lovely "Miss Pink" from Läderach or some cute Wawi bunnies. 

Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Feels like New York City Sundays.

Sometimes even Zurich feels like a big city. Just strolling around, discovering new coffee places, and some street art. I'm very happy with the Sandro Jacket I bought. Hardly wearing anything else latelely. 

Enjoy the weekend!

I'm wearing:

Mirrored sunglasses: H&M
Quilted Jacket: Sandro Paris
Zip Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Zara

 Thanks to bellemelle.ch for taking the pictures!

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