Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

Scandinavian Style

Another scandinavian outfit to share. 
I love the simplicity of combining black, white and grey. The long cardigan is one of my favorite pieces. You can wear it in winter but also in spring. An all rounder and just very cozy for an everyday look. 
We shot those pictures some time ago in Copenhagen and I can't wait to go back. 

I'm wearing: 

Shoes: Converse
Baker Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skinny Jeans: Brand Jennifer
Longcardigan: H&M
Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Dienstag, 3. März 2015

Amsterdam Experience

We spent a wonderful weekend in Amsterdam. The weather was sunny but very windy and cold. 
But the light was magical. All the beautiful little sloping buildings with brick walls and a lot of windows. We even made a tour on a boat trough the graachten and learned a lot about Amsterdam. 
We stayed at the Volkshotel. I can recommend it to the fullest. Very fair pricing and just one in a kind.  They offer workspaces and it has just a super cool interior design. On the rooftop you have a restaurant which turns into a club on weekends and on the very top a hot tub. You can't but feel at home. 
And: the coffee and food is fantastic.

For those who follow me on instagram (@bonsoircherieblog) will see some pics of our experience.

Here are my personal favorite restaurants in Amsterdam for those of you who might visit Amsterdam soon.
We went for brunch in a little restaurant called paper planes. If you like bread with smashed avocado, fresh juices, pancakes and granola muesli and eggs with salmon you will be more than happy. 

The second day we went to a little place called Stek. With its very industrial interior and delicious food also a place I would recommend if you're close by. 

In the evenings we went to Baut where you can order a surprise three or four course menue or some little dishes. And as we were craving for burgers we headed to Bar Mick. I can say it was worth the way to the west part of Amsterdam. 

I'm wearing:
Coat: H&M
Shoes: Diesel
Silver reversible tote bag: Diesel
Scarf: Andotherstories

Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

May I introduce - my favorite spring outfit. Trying to be a roman goddess.

(German version below) As the weather is not getting better and warmer I will share one of my favorite outfits of last summer with you. I never had the time to post it on the blog in summer and then winter suddenly arrived. 

So today as an inspiration for spring and summer a total white look from my side. 

We shot these pictures last september in the vatican museum in rome. As an art history student I was completely overwhelmed to see all the masterpieces for the first time. 

It was an amazing experience. But to be honest, first of all it was kind of a disaster when we arrived at the vatican museum. There was a line lasting over a few hundert meters outside, all of them standing in the heat and waiting to get inside. So we decided to buy a so called fast lane ticket to avoid the line in front of the museum and afterwards for the sistine chapel. As we paid quit a lot of money we expected to have kind of a special treatment and enough time to see the masterpieces. But we ended up rushing through the museum and almost lost our guide in the first five minutes because there were so many visitors everywhere. We followed the group cause we knew at the end of the tour we will have direct entrance to the sistine chapel to see the famous work of Michelangelo on the ceiling. 
Among a thousand others we had the chance to get an eye on it. As we both were very into the art which was shown in the different rooms we went all way back very slowly to finally enjoy the artwork. 
In the late afternoon the museum was almost empty and that was the time when we decided to shoot these pictures. 
I was wearing a lot of white those days - so if you're still or I might better say already in mood to shop some bright items for spring, head over to Cecil - they have some nice items.

Thank you bellemelle for being such an amazing photographer! 

I'm wearing:

Maxiskirt: Zara - find another one here
Shirt: H&M Studio Collection
Shoes: Converse

Leider will das Wetter einfach nicht wärmer werden. Um aber ein bisschen Frühlingsgefühle zu bescheren möchte ich eines meiner Sommeroutfits mit euch teilen, das ich bisher noch nicht veröffentlich habe. Irgendwie war der Sommer so schnell vorbei und nur noch Winteroutfits angesagt. 

Als Inspiration für den hoffentlich bald eintreffenden Frühling ein komplett weisses Outfit für euch. 
Die Bilder sind im letzten Sommer in Rom entstanden. Wir waren an diesem Tag im Vatikan Museum. Für mich als Studentin der Kunstgeschichte ein unglaubliches Erlebnis. 
Begonnen hat der Tag allerdings weniger erfreulich. Beim Vatikan angekommen waren wir erst einmal mit einer riesigen Schlange konfrontiert. Wir haben uns schnell entschieden sogenannte Fast Lane Tickets zu kaufen um einen direkten Einlass zu erhalten. Leider war dann die Führung unglaublich stressig und wir haben kaum etwas von den Kunstwerken und den Räumlichkeiten zu sehen gekriegt, weil es so überfüllt war. 
Wir haben auch nach fünf Minuten schon unseren Guide verloren und hätten ihn beinahe nicht wiedergefunden in dem Gewimmel. 
Am Ende in der sixtinischen Kapelle zu stehen und Michelangelos Deckenmalerei zu bestaunen hat uns aber reichlich für alles entschädigt. Ich kann das nur jedem von euch ans Herz legen, denn wer weiss wie lange diese Malereien noch öffentlich zugänglich sind. 

Ich habe mich für die Tage in Rom immer wieder für helle Looks entschieden. Auch weil man im Vatikan angemessen gekleidet sein soll, hier mit meinem Lieblingsstück dem weissen Maxirock. Ich freue mich schon, endlich wieder helle Farben zu tragen. 
Ihr findet bei Cecil schöne Frühlingsmode, falls ihr denn schon Lust habt, euch einzukleiden. 


Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

Fighting the cold with a layered look.

Ein letzter Beitrag aus Berlin. Es war so unglaublich kalt, dass jeden Tag eine Schicht mehr dazukam. Einerseits durften Mütze und Mantel nicht fehlen. Die Jeans mit den Löchern mussten dann aber trotzdem sein. 
Irgendwie war ich noch nicht so im Modezirkus angekommen an diesem Tag. Ich liebe den L’amour sweater von Gina Trikot und die Ankle Boots sind perfekt für lange Tage. Die seethrough Bluse unter dem Pulli vervollständigt den Layer Look. 
Selbst in Berlin wo ich mich als Fashion Tourist fühle ist die Fashionwelt irgendwie trotzdem überschaubar. Man kennt sich zumindest aus der virtuellen Welt und sieht bekannte Gesichter. 
Da ich diese Stadt einfach unglaublich gerne mag werde ich wohl auch im Sommer wieder hinfahren. Ich hoffe sehr auch einige von euch wieder zu sehen!

My last entry about my days at the Mercedes Benz Fashionweek in Berlin. It was so freezing cold my outfit got a layer more every day. The necessecary distressed jeans weren’t missing though.
All in all a very cozy look. My ankle boots are perfect for a long day. And I love the L’amour sweater from Gina Tricot. 

I'm wearing:

Ankle Boots with Silver Buckles: Zara - find some similar ones.
Beanie: C&A
Jacket: Sandro
Bag: Zara - black basic bag
Sweater: Gina Tricot

Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

All black and classics

Enjoying the sun and some fantastic sound with headphones from philips. Have a happy weekend everyone!

I'm wearing:

Headphones: Philips
Shoes: Converse
Jeans: Mango
Jacket: Diesel
Shirt: Vogue FNO
Glasses: Wayfarer Ray Ban
Scarf: Andotherstories
Bag: Louis Vuitton Vintage

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

MBFW Berlin - Fashionweek Outfit #2

We shot those pictures in the Friedrichstrasse in Berlin. Right next to a fantastic burger restaurant called "Hans im Glück".  They have some excellent Avocado Burgers. And there are some nice shops around this street as well. On my way to the Brandenburger Tor where the most shows took place I had a hard time not to stop for shopping while walking by. The "Museumsinsel" is also very close. So if you have little time in Berlin, this would be quite a nice area to be around. 

I'm wearing: 
Blouse with Elephant print: Zara
Leather Peplum Top: Zara
Sequin Bag: H&M

Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Lace Outfit for Fashionweek and my favorite food places in Berlin.

 As promised a little outfit recap from the Fashionweek Berlin. 

I went there on Sunday and the ones who follow me on instagram (@bonsoircherieblog) might have seen we've started with the Dandy Diary Party one sunday night. It was a lot of fun. I loved the fact that everyone was dressed like back in the 70ies. 

As I stayed at a friends place I was very happy to spent the time in between the shows and events with some good food and a lot of chatting over coffees. I am in love with the Asian food  at Dudu's at the Rosenthaler Place and Tosca Rouge. 
I never forget to visit my favorite Italian Restaurant Pane et Rose - it is always such a warm welcome and the food is delicious.
 One of my all-time favorites coffeepot is the Caras Gourmet in Berlin. Located in Mitte it is the perfect place to stop by for to have a little break. 

I'll share my personal highlights of the shows in the next entry. 

I'm wearing: (an outfit way too cold for the weather) 

Skirt: H&M
Bomber-Jacket: H&M
Watch: Swatch Pushback 

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