Montag, 17. Juli 2017

Ponza - Italianita on a paradise island

I still haven't shared all the pictures from our trip to the lovely island Ponza which is located 2 hours away from Rome in the mediterranean sea. We found the most perfect little alleys to get lost and take pictures. 

I can only recommend to visit this place. We've rented a little airbnb at the port and explored the island for two days. Finding a secret beach down a hill and eating the best seafood and pizza you can imagine. For me Italy is just unbeatable with it's charm. And on this island I felt so detached and happy it was truly special.

In August it is probably a bit full, due to all the Italians having their holidays if you're looking for a party vacation. But afterwards in September it will be calmer and relaxing again. 
What are your favorite summer spots? Any recommendations? 

Photos by Claudia Cherubini


Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

The Italian Dream - Summer in Rome

Let me take you to the magical streets of Rome. I've spent a long weekend there with a dear friend and can't help but fall in love with every corner of this city. The warmth of the Romans is one of a kind. I forced my friend to visit all the famous places as well, because I can't resist to say "hello" to places I have in mind. Even if it is a tourist thing, those places have some magic. I recommend though to go see the places early in the morning or late at night, otherwise you get run over by the people who had the same idea during the day. And I can tell, there are many. 

So we went to see the Piazza di Spagna, the Fontana di Trevi, and the Pantheon. And the best thing was to walk through the streets and discover so many lovely things on the way there. For example we went by accident in the Café Greco where we made the acquaintance of a lovely old man who was a painter and he sits in the most famous cafés in Italy to paint the guests and he is doing this for his entire life. He was such a charming man and told us stories out of his life. This kind of encounter kept happening to us and made the trip so special. And we ended our trip - before lunch - with an ice cream from the best Gelateria of Rome: Giolitti. I can only approve, it is out of this world. 

I am wearing a flower dress from which is the second part of my occasion wear series. This dress from Chi Chi London I would totally wear for a wedding or a nice garden cocktail. It is romantic, elegant, not too short but still with its charms. The shoes are from Office and I must say so far I was able to combine them to several looks and really like how they complete an outfit. 

I'm wearing: 

Silver Heels: Office by Zalando
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Glasses: Preen
World Pendant Necklace: By Ortiz

Photos by Claudia Cherubini

Freitag, 30. Juni 2017

5 Steps Hammam Ritual for your Home Spa

Dear All

As you all know if you follow me on my social channels, I am a travel addict and always on the road.
So sometimes you have to relax and calm down at home. This is why I love the principle of Hammam. You have to take your time to follow the steps and through that you automatically slow down and concentrate on the ritual. 

The one I show you is in cooperation with Rituals

1. Clean your skin with the Black Soap, which is nourishing and at the same moment deep pore cleansing. Take a Kessa Massage glove and rub it off your body. 

2. Use the Hot Scrub to peel your skin and get refreshed by the scent of ginger. 

3. With the Body Mud you cleanse your skin further in a very gentle way.

4. Soothe your skin with the foaming soap gel. It can also be used for a foaming massage. 

5. Give your skin the ultimate nourishment with the Body Cream. 

And then you can start daydreaming again of future trips. I always keep my mind close to my favorite destinations with having my surfboard in sight and surrounding myself with beautiful seaside pictures at home. 

Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

Occasionwear for summer cocktails

Dear All

The wedding and event season is on and with it the question what to wear. I will share some outfit inspiration in two parts. In this post am actually showing a dress, that could even be kind of a wedding dress for a bohemian wedding. I definitely don't recommend to wear it as a wedding guest. 

But - there are other occasions where you are allowed to dress up - and -  to wear white. For example a chic summer reception or a cocktail. Or if you go to the Opera you can also wear such a robe and feel like Cinderella. 

The dress is from Frock and Frill and I got it via Zalando. Where I do my (mostly last minute) occasion wear shopping. Because running around from store to store is just very stressful if you are working full time and are as late as I am most of the time. 
So you can just get your selection delivered at your home and try it on in a relaxed mood. I am now ready for any occasion which asks for a proper dress, only in need of an invitation now. With the dress that follows in the second post I will also give you an option to attend a wedding as a guest - with a romantic and chic dress. 

We shot the pictures in Rome in front of the Colosseo where there were many many people around us, so we decided to take a walk a bit to find a quiet spot. We were super lucky to find this oldtimer Mercedes Cabrio which I would love to call mine..

Photos by Claudia Cherubini

Shoes: Office


Montag, 26. Juni 2017

Swimsuit Love for Summer

Summer arrived and is brought us so many amazingly beautiful and warm days already. 
I could sit in lake resorts all summer long,  drink iced coffee, read magazines and enjoy the sun.
I totally fell in love with the retro swimsuit by solid and striped. I really like the fact, that swimsuits came back into fashion. And with the orange and pink tinted sunglasses the world instantly looks like cloud 9. Find yours and join the lovers club!

Swimsuit: Solid and Striped
Sunglasses: Quay

Photography: David Biedert.

Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

Travel Essentials II - Oral B Genius

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I'm continuing with my travel essentials today. Whenever I travel I try to bring as little as possible but still have everything with me. The Oral B Genius Travel is one of the things I started to love having with me. 
As dental care is super important to me, this is the ideal solution when you are a frequent traveler. 
It comes super handy in a nice case. The kit is delivered with a loading device where you can charge your toothbrush and even your phone via USB. So even on top a functionality to charge your phone, which is great. 

To support my fellow travel lovers I have a surprise for you today:  You can win one of those Oral B Genius Travel Kits on instagram now.
Head over to @bonsoircherieblog to comment what is your travel essential 
and I will choose a winner on June 30th. 

Wishing you good luck! 

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