Mittwoch, 28. September 2016

Palmenhaus Vienna

I've spent the last weekend in Vienna with my friend and Romie from Bellemelle
I always feel home instantly when I arrive in Vienna. The city is somehow very similar to Switzerland but at the same time there is something warm which makes me feel happy everytime I come back. This is why I'd like to share my personal tips where to go on your city trip in vienna. 
I had an amazing stay at Pentahotels Vienna - more about this place will follow in a later entry. 
We were at one of my favorite coffeeplaces called Phil where you can brunch and read all the books they have in the store. IThey offer a great collection of art and philosophical books and all the furniture in the café is vintage and for sale. This makes the place very unique and vivid. 
It is also a must for me to go to the Palmenhaus (where you could also brunch - just make sure to reserve a table early enough). It is located next to a park and in front of the Albertina Museum. 
And as well the opera house and the Sacher Hotel and Café are in walking distance. 
So make sure to go there, enjoy a Cappuccino and do some people watching. 

I'm wearing: 

Shirt with Ruffles: H&M Studio 
White denims with zips: Zara
Shoes: Adidas Superstar
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

 Pictures by Bellemelle

Sonntag, 25. September 2016

Grand Hotel Imperiale

As you might know already I am deeply in love with Como and this hotel is a magnificent place to stay. It is located in Moltrasio - a little bit outside from Como. You can go there by boat or by car. If you book in advance it is not too expensive and you feel like you are in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. At least when you are standing in the garden and in front of the hotel - it is quite impressive. 

I am wearing: 

Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

from dusk till dawn - Lips Brothers x Bonsoir Chérie

I am excited to reveal the continuation of the story of Street Boy and Girl  which I shared some time ago. A collaboration between Lips Brothers and Bonsoir Chérie. Inspired by filmstills of works such as Chungking Express from Wong Kar Wai and the Diesel Fall Winter Collection we found our own language. 

Photography by Moritz Lips. Modelling by Marina Tränkel and Oliver Lips.
 Written by Oliver Lips.

As we follow the story of a boy and girl we discover that the night has always had a certain appeal to them. So as soon as the sun sets they put on their leather jackets and head out into the night. Fascinated by the people, the lights, the music and ultimately themselves they are in search of the endless opportunities a night out in town can bring. 

It is not the polished, perfect-seeming versions of the people running up and down the streets in the daytime, but rather the aimless creatures who are looking for a couple of hours of distraction from everyday life they seem more intersted in. Still not sure who they are and want to become they are sure of one thing: They don't want to be one of those living zombies. 

In a time where everyone strives for individuality it feels like looking out on a snow-capped field: We know every snow flake is individual, yet put together they all look the same. But in the end the question remains, are we being individual for ourselves or for others? 

And so the hunt for for life and its meaning continues until the crack of dawn.

Montag, 19. September 2016

Madonna del Sasso - Fairytale Monastery in Orselina

Some time ago we headed to the south part of Switzerland to escape a rainy weekend in Zurich. What we found was a lot of sun and italian flair. In the village Orselina we headed to the monestary of Madonna del Sasso. Beautifully located in the hills in between the green and just above Locarno it suited us perfectly as a shooting location. The same day Chris Burkard was on a tour with his followers through Ticino and passed by the monastery with his group. So even world famous nature photographers worship the beauty of our small country.

Happy to have this place so close to our home and there is the possibility to enjoy a longer summer in this wonderful part of Switzerland. 

Photos by Silvano Zeiter

Montag, 5. September 2016

Happy Monday! The Office Look

Happy Monday!

I hope you are having a great start of the week so far. 
For some office inspiration here is what I wear to work. 
Shot by the lovely Andrea Monica Hug from Chic in Zurich in the beautiful park next to Landesmuseum Zurich. The perfect place to relax during lunch. 
We were having a vegan lunch at Roots and Friends. A delicious way boost your day and get yourself some healthy food. Since some days they are also present at Balboa Gym Schanzengraben. 

I'm wearing: 

Three Layers Lace Skirt: Zara
Shirt: Diesel 
Sneakers: Adidas Superstar
Bag: Diesel 
Belt: Diesel 
Sunglasses: Xray. 

Pictures by Andrea Monica Hug


Montag, 29. August 2016

Street Boy and Girl

For once a different kind story from a collaboration with the guys from "Lips Brothers". 

Photography by Moritz Lips. Modelling by Marina and Oliver Lips
Written by Oliver Lips.

"This is a story about a boy and a girl, both rebellious, curious about life and still figuring out who they eventually want to become. Somewhere between friendship and love they wander the streets in search of something indescribable. The city already seems too small and the urge to travel and discover new places and meet new people grows from day to day.

And so they set out for new experiences - her dressed in a tartan dress with a leather jacket and boots and him wearing a bomber jacket over an unbottoned shirt, some track pants and a pair of sneakers. 

To be continued..."

Oliver is wearing:

Marina is wearing:

Diesel Simin Leather Jacket 

Freitag, 26. August 2016

Dreaming about surfing

As I am currently facing the situation to not be able to go on a trip I am seeking for other solutions to get some "surf" done.
We might not have an Ocean but we do have a Lake and Rivers. 
One of the easiest things is to go paddling. Some say it is boring but I love to be in the water in the evenings just before the sunset. And you can train your arms and back to be ready for the next Trip. 
I usually go with friends so it is a fun get together. 

For the Ones seeking for more action, you should try Up Stream Surfing. In a team you can make it possible to surf up the river thanks to a special invention of Simon, the guy behind this project. 
It is always great fun and lots of nice people. And something similar to that surf in the waves. 
With a Myclubs sportcard you can take classes either with a monthly submission or purchase a card you can use 10 times for all the sport events they offer. So don't miss it - they offer it with MyClubs every friday night. Here you can find the details. 

If you haven't got enough, there is the Surf Zurich Community. (They will throw a party on Saturday 27th of August) There are several nice events happening during the year, just follow them on Facebook to stay posted about what is going on. Or take part in the next surftrip. 

If you are able to take a longer weekend I can highly recommend the Element Called Water Surf Camp in Soustons, next to Hossegor. After being there for a week, we fell in love with this place and never wanted to leave. A real gem at the Atlantic Coast of France. With the most friendly hosts, a dreamy garden, a Skatebowl and even a Miniramp in their Bar where they serve delicious drinks after a self cooked dinner. The ones following me on Instagram might have seen some pictures already. 

Thanks David Biedert for the pictures. Getting up at 5am in the morning was definitely worth paddling into the sunrise. 

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