Sonntag, 17. Juni 2018

Summertime in Holywell Bay

Summer is here and it's time for outdoor adventures, swimming in the sea and a lot of laughter. 
While spending some days in Cornwall I discovered so many beautiful places. It's literally a little paradise on earth. Although the weather is not always the brightest it is still magnificent. 

I got to team up with La Redoute to pick my favorite summer looks and here is one of it. I love this dress since it is sporty yet classy and you're dressed within a minute. The bomberjacket is the perfect fit. In England you always have to be prepared for the weather, since it is changing non stop. 
We shot these pictures in the bay of Holywell. It reminded me a lot of Bag End in Lord of the Rings. 
Enjoy your Sunday evening! 

I am wearing: 

Jewelry: Malaika Raiss

Photos by Tom James


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