Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

Taking Memories Home - Travel Photography

Whenever I travel I have my camera with me. 
There is nothing better than having your own pictures of places you love. Beside the memory you have saved for yourself in your head and heart. 

What I often do is sighting my pictures back home and then work on the best ones. One of my all time favorites is this picture of the Flatiron building in New York. 

To keep those memories vivid I often use the chance to print my favorites and place them around me. 
My flat is full of memories and this is one of them, standing in my living room and reminding me of  a wonderful evening at sunset in New York. 
This one I printed at colorfotoservice.ch - the page is super easy to handle and you can choose between a lot of different options to print your pictures on. I personally really like canvas or acrylic glass. 
So whenever I am working on my desk at home. Currently for my filmstudies for example. I get motivation by looking at such pictures, knowing to be there or somewhere as beautiful and exciting (hopefully) soon again. 

On this pictures you can guess how much I like New York and it's buildings. The Chrysler Building Lamp from Westwing is one of my most precious interior pieces. And the little cup - also found at Westwing my daily companion. 

What do you do, do keep your memories close? 

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016


When I recently got a skateboard deck for my birthday my mom's reaction was not very enthusiastic. 
One more hobby that is not on the safest side. But mom, I promise I'll take care!
So after visiting Paranoia store to get the wheels and tires the next purchase was a helmet. Well promised is promised. 

So this cool Alpina helmet is now saving my head from any damages. Still made some experiences with the floor - though I could still improve security for hands and knees. But you only learn by doing. So this summer you will see me around with my board - trying to get some skating done. 
As there are unfortunately no waves in Switzerland, this is the solution for now. Until the next trip. 
For all the surfers - or the ones who are into travel and surf, you shouldn't miss the newest movie from Deus Ex Machina "South to Sian". Two friends travelling through Indonesia with a bunch of surfboards and heavy bikes. 
I totally fell in love with their way of live - that's what I always do when I see that kind of movie. 
And I promise myself - at some point - I will be out there as well. At least for a certain time. 
First step in the right direction was taking a break of paper writing for my studies and go out for some skateboarding. 

I'm wearing: 

Freestyle Helmet: Alpina
Ripped Denim: Zara
 White Bomberjacket: Zara

Deck: Doodah 
Wheels and Tires: Paranoia 

Pictures via www.bellemelle.ch

Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Most romantic shopping area in Zurich - the Niederdorf

I love spring and I love flowers. Now as it is warmer all the flowershops put their flowers outside again. In Zurich Niederdorf you can find so many beautiful little stores - of course not only for flowers. In the latest post I told you about the two of my favorite places the Café Schwarzenbach and Café Schober in the area. 
The Niederdorf is one of the most romantic shopping places in Zurich. 
They offer a wide range of shops such as a COS Store or various sneaker stores like Titolo. 
As well you find a cute little cupcake café and the famous birthplace of Dadaism in Zurich - the Cabaret Voltaire. And for the ones who know I am dancing ballet - there is the best ballet shop in Zurich as well. So if you happen to be in Zurich, don't miss to walk around this area. 

I am wearing a lace dress from Mango and my favorite shoes from Soft Grey. 
Can't get enough of the boho style lately. Happy that this trend is staying - this way I can take out all my summer dresses from the last seasons again. Same for the gladiator sandals - they are still fashionable. Not that I can ever get enough of them anyway. 

I'm wearing: 
Lace Dress: Mango
Gladiator Heels: Soft Grey La Redoute 
Photos by David Biedert

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

Coffeetime in Zurich Niederdorf - Casual Boho Look

I am very much into the Bohemian Style lately. You will realize in the upcoming posts. Last week we headed to Zurich Niederdorf on my day off to shoot some looks. 
As I am more the natural girl, I always prefer to keep looks simple and classy. So I combined some black skinny jeans and my favorite shoes at the moment - the black gladiator heels - with a boho blouse and a little paisley bandana around my neck. 
As a location we chose one of my favorite places in Zurich Niederdorf - Café Schwarzenbach. They roast their coffee next door and the smell of coffee is in the air. The small store next to the coffee is in a beautiful vintage look with that gold letters on black ground. And in front of you there is the famous cafe Schober where you get the best hot chocolate in town. And you have a lovely little patio from where you can watch all the people passing buy. Something I really love - especially when I am sitting alone in a coffeeplace. There is so much to see. 

I'm wearing: 

Boho Blouse: Zara - similar here
 Bandana: Zara - similar here
Denim: Blank Denim
Shoes: Soft Grey 
Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton

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