Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

Rooftop Breakletics and Yoga - Train with MyClubs

It's been about a week ago since we spent a wonderful evening high up on a private rooftop in Zurich for a special sport event. We were able to enjoy a mixed workout starting with a Breakletics lesson by Leandro Fortino who teaches at Balboa and followed by a Yoga lesson by Yogini Diana from O yoga. After these two workouts I was pretty exhausted but super happy. And of course we didn't let the opportunity pass by to take some picutres for our blogs with this outstanding view. 
With a MyClubs membership you get access to more than 200 studios where you can train, according to your daily mood and location. I will give you an update soon about where I trained with my personal recommendations. 
If you have any questions about MyClubs or you wanna start training - feel free to contact me!
I am also happy to meet some of you guys during sports.

It was so lovely to train with all the girls who where with us on the rooftop. Thanks Katrin from Sonrisa, Xenia from Power Peak Passion, Carina from I am Metalheart, Anina from Blossik, Selina from TrainTreatTravel, Solveig from ShapebySolveig, Janine, Martina von MartinaGlows, Maria, and Sabrina from Healthy and Happy for being part of this experience! Don't forget to check out their pages - all of them run amazing blogs in the field of sport, health, lifestyle and fashion. 

Freitag, 18. August 2017

Lakeside Pleasures

Happy Weekend everyone! 

Let's enjoy some of the last warm days and hit the lakeside. If I would only be able to get up earlier in the mornings than every sunny day could start with a swim and a coffee by the lake. Still working on my early bird skills.
These pictures were taken right in front of Bad Utoquai, one of two places I regularly go for a swim. 
And another thing you definitely have to try if you did not until now is Stand Up Paddeling. You can spot them on the right and left of the entrance. To be honest I have to admit I had some prejudices against this sport as it just seemed not exactly as exciting as surfing. 
But I figured out it is pretty exhausting if you do it right and as well super nice as you are floating on the lake but able to move forward quite fast. 

The pictures were taken by David Biedert

I am wearing: 

White Bohemian Dress by Lioness
Ballerina Espadrilles by Soludos
Stateline Sunglasses by Wonderland 
Bag by Diesel 

Montag, 14. August 2017

What is this Influencer Business?

Dear All

First of all, happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest. I had a very special Saturday, attending a wonderful influencer event by Katrin Roth, founder of sonrisa and Move it. A bunch of swiss influencers came together, listening to a speech by Anne Höwler, PR Pro at Cover PR Germany and learning lots about the influencer business. The event title says it all - everything is in motion. And at this point it is super helpful to sit together, share thoughts and strategies and most important - listen to the pioneers and learn how they experience the development this field is going through. There are brands who haven't been active in influencer marketing from scratch on and are still developing their strategies. And there are a lot of existing traditional marketing strategies who have to be reformed and to be customized for each brand and influencer.
The most beautiful thing is, that now is the time, all of this will be formed and executed. So I am excited to be part of this and to witness the happening on both sides. In my role as a PR for a brand and as a blogger with over five years in the "influencer" business.
Let's see where this all leads us to. And most important, never forget the passion that fueled you once to start all this. Even if there are so many bloggers out there, that you can think there is no sense of keeping it up, I have to point out how amazing it is, that every single one of us gets a platform where we can express our personal creativity. And in best case attract brands for creative collaborations. And at this stage - as always - time will tell. But I am convinced the most important thing is to openly discuss goals and needs of brand and influencer and always try to find a individual way of working. There is no clear strategy who fits every influencer. As everyone has other goals and needs it is necessary for both sides to invest time in the beginning to see what can be created together and time will tell if it was an experience or ends up as an amazing longterm collaboration.
I am happy to have started early with blogging, just because it taught me so many things. You can do your own case studies and find business solutions without any risk. And you get to know so many brands in a way more personal way than it has ever been possible as a client but only as an intern or employee. Start creating and exploring and try to discover what the world needs now. Right now we are all experimenting as our own AD's trying to present products to customers in the most creative and appealing way. And in the end it is way more than offered goodies and money. Everyone dreams of making a business out of what they love doing. Blogging is for me one of those things - with a lot of effort and dedication you will come to a point where you get rewarded for your work. This doesn't have to be necessarily visible in the amount of followers you gained. But way more in the expertise you were able to develop and in the projects you get involved step by step.
I am curious to see how this is going to progress and which role will influencers take over in the marketing world. What are your thoughts about this? 

And - as I want to stay true to where I started I am sharing a typical style inspriation post with you. I love casual weekends, dressing in sportswear and lounging around but always ready when there is something going on. This is why I am very much in love with the adidas original collections. To work with brands I truly like is something I am very grateful for. 

Pictures are made by my lovely mamma - who learned a lot about photography during my blogger years. Another positive part of blogging, you start at a point with your friends and family and you can grow together.

Cheesy I know. But all these stories about influencers made me think a lot, and I wanted to express what it all means to me.

Shoes, Shirt, Sweater, Pants: Adidas
Sunglasses: Wonderland Stateline

Dienstag, 1. August 2017

Happy Birthday Switzerland! Your Summer is Now.

I've celebrated the birthday of my home country at the lakeside with my family and friends. Once more I have to say how grateful I am to live in this wonderful place. 
The pictures were taken at the Lake Lucerne in Hergiswil. Whoever wants to ask Lucerne, give me a shout and I will be happy to tell you where to go to! 

For this special occasion I was wearing the Eliros Ladies Date watch from Maurice Lacroix. With the code Summer68 you get a voucher worth 100CHF for the warehouse Manor with your purchase of one of the three watches. You can follow the link to the selection of dreamy watches here
And look for some watch inspiration under #yoursummerisnow!

Enjoy your evening! 

Montag, 17. Juli 2017

Ponza - Italianita on a paradise island

I still haven't shared all the pictures from our trip to the lovely island Ponza which is located 2 hours away from Rome in the mediterranean sea. We found the most perfect little alleys to get lost and take pictures. 

I can only recommend to visit this place. We've rented a little airbnb at the port and explored the island for two days. Finding a secret beach down a hill and eating the best seafood and pizza you can imagine. For me Italy is just unbeatable with it's charm. And on this island I felt so detached and happy it was truly special.

In August it is probably a bit full, due to all the Italians having their holidays if you're looking for a party vacation. But afterwards in September it will be calmer and relaxing again. 
What are your favorite summer spots? Any recommendations? 

Photos by Claudia Cherubini


Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

The Italian Dream - Summer in Rome

Let me take you to the magical streets of Rome. I've spent a long weekend there with a dear friend and can't help but fall in love with every corner of this city. The warmth of the Romans is one of a kind. I forced my friend to visit all the famous places as well, because I can't resist to say "hello" to places I have in mind. Even if it is a tourist thing, those places have some magic. I recommend though to go see the places early in the morning or late at night, otherwise you get run over by the people who had the same idea during the day. And I can tell, there are many. 

So we went to see the Piazza di Spagna, the Fontana di Trevi, and the Pantheon. And the best thing was to walk through the streets and discover so many lovely things on the way there. For example we went by accident in the Café Greco where we made the acquaintance of a lovely old man who was a painter and he sits in the most famous cafés in Italy to paint the guests and he is doing this for his entire life. He was such a charming man and told us stories out of his life. This kind of encounter kept happening to us and made the trip so special. And we ended our trip - before lunch - with an ice cream from the best Gelateria of Rome: Giolitti. I can only approve, it is out of this world. 

I am wearing a flower dress from which is the second part of my occasion wear series. This dress from Chi Chi London I would totally wear for a wedding or a nice garden cocktail. It is romantic, elegant, not too short but still with its charms. The shoes are from Office and I must say so far I was able to combine them to several looks and really like how they complete an outfit. 

I'm wearing: 

Silver Heels: Office by Zalando
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Glasses: Preen
World Pendant Necklace: By Ortiz

Photos by Claudia Cherubini

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