Montag, 6. November 2017

Weekend Getaway Essentials

My dears

In the last few entries you could read about my favorite Weekend Getaways and get some tips where to stay for a unique spa experience and how to get there in the most comfortable way with Volvo. Click on the links to read the entries. Or check out where we went for a hike in the Austrian mountains. To make sure you are equipped with the perfect comfy look I put together some of my favorites pieces from La Redoute. Cozy clothing adds extra happiness to a trip. 

From left to right: 

Sonntag, 5. November 2017

No Time for November Blues - Styles for Autumn

When it gets colder many of us rather stay home and miss the warm temperatures. So do I - but I always try to still get outside and charge energy in the nature. Get some fresh air and unwind in the forest helps to keep me happy. I love to spend a longer weekend up in the mountains. One of my favorite places to go to is called Eigental and is very close by where I grew up. To go up there on a Sunday is something we used to do as a family very often. So here you find a look to go on a long weekend in November. This is not the typical outfit I go on long walks with but more an Autumn Sunday Look. With a cozy sweater and some flat knee high boots and Jeans you're perfectly set for a little walk. And if you change the boots for sneakers you're also set for the dirt walks through the forest. 
What are your plans to escape the well know November Blues?

I'm wearing: 

Knit Sweater: Sandro Paris

Hat: H&M
Boots: Vintage
Denim: Diesel
Bag: Louis Vuitton Weekender 

Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Autumn Getaway - The Perfect Weekend in the Nature III

After three days in Pertisau we continued our journey to Tegernsee in Bavaria and further to Munich where we enjoyed a day at the Octoberfest. To finish our trip we drove to Schwangau to visit the famous castle "Schloss Neuschwanstein" which was actually the model of several castles in Disney movies. The most breathtaking view was the one from far away, since you could not guess by then how many people are having the same aim and will gaze at the castle next to you. 

We were happy to be supported by Volvo with their brand new V90 Cross Country. In their new campaign it's all about taking a break and living the moment. "You can't live it all, unless you can live fully. Now."Volvo quotes the english philosopher Alan Watts (1959) and hits a topic which is more present than ever. So that's exactly what we did - we took a break, escaped the daily live and enjoyed the forests and nature in Austria and Bavaria. And with the most comfortable car ever as our companion. It was driving almost by itself and allowed a relaxed journey. The amazing soundsystem and the massage function (which honestly surprised us by its quality - even some humans could learn from this car) inside the seat were the cherries on the top. 

Many thanks to Volvo for the kind support and to my amazing driver Michelle <3

Autumn Getaway - The Perfect Weekend II - Up In The Mountains

We took the boat from Pertisau to cross the lake and went on a beautiful hike starting from Buchenau up to Dalfazalm. We only did not consider that it was quite a high amount of height meters we had to overcome. So we ended up happy but a bit exhausted at the top to continue doing what we spent most of our time these days: eating Kaiserschmarrn and drinking coffee. I can highly recommend the route from Buchenau up to Dalfazalm, along the waterfalls and then walking through the forest to the Rofan mountain range. The walk was very rich in variety in terms of view.

I am wearing an outfit with pieces I was allowed to choose from La Redoute.
The down jacket was perfect when we reached the waterfall, otherwise I would have got soaking wet. And my shirt says "Life is going on - keep moving" - a quote I really like. Never stop exploring and discover new places and get outdoors in the nature.

Outfit Details: 

Shoes: Nike
Shirt: La Redoute
Denim: Diesel
Down Jacket: Adidas via La Redoute
Backpack: Eastpack
Watch: Maurice Lacroix
Belt: Diesel
Sunglasses: Wonderland Stateline

Autumn Getaway - The Perfect Weekend I

A few weeks ago we were heading to a weekend to Austria and Germany. I have a special bond to both of these countries since my parents are from there and there will always be memories to family trips there.We could not have chosen a better time for our trip than late autumn. The trees were showing their most amazing colors. To drive through serpentine streets up the hills was just magical.

We started our journey in Zurich in direction Pertisau, a little village by the lake in Achenkirch. In the wonderful Hotel Entners am See we found the perfect place to come down and unplug. The view from our room on the lake was just breathtaking. I was visiting the place several times before and always thought I would love to stay at this place. The most amazing thing next to the view was their spa area. They not only had a huge indoor spa but also the most amazing outdoor infinity pool inside the lake. 

Montag, 11. September 2017

Treatwell - The App for your Beauty Moment

Today it's all about getting pampered. I am introducing Treatwell to you. With this app you can book your Beauty appointments easily online. Even on short notice you just enter the app and find a studio nearby which has a free space. If it is a manicure, pedicure a haircut, a waxing or a relaxing massage, they offer it all. Especially now as the ballnight season is coming up I am going for sure use this app to book my treatments. There's no more calling around if they have a free spot, but just checking the free spots easily on one app. 

Read more below to find out how my experience was and take part to win a voucher of Treatwell to test it yourself at the end of the article. 

I booked my appointments the night before and was super happy with both treatments. I first went to the Salon EN VOGUE in Zurich Seefeld to get a new haircut. With Zoltan, I had the most gentle and kind hairdresser ever. I did not even notice he was working on my hair. And I am super happy with the result. The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing. The salon is small but still spacey and cozy. You can find some more EN VOGUE salons in Zurich, for example in Bahnhofstrasse. 

Next stop was at Tally Beauty. I booked an appointment to do my nails. As I don't like it when it looks to artificial I always go for short gel nails in subtle colors. The lady in the salon had the most beautiful surname - Del Mar. The salon is located on the top floor of the Tally Weijl in Bahnhofstrasse, on a very central location. They have a beautiful bright interior and it is a bit separated from the rest of the store through the architecture. They also offer haircuts, touch ups if you need to get your hair done for events and they color your hair. 

WIN A 150CHF VOUCHER for your own SPA moment with treatwell. 

After talking about all the benefits of treatwell I wanna give you the chance to experience it yourself. Leave me a comment under this post to say which treatment you would like to try and in which salon and we will choose a winner out of all the comments. Go to and have a look what you would like. 

 I will also post on instagram @bonsoircherieblog  and on my facebook so you have three chances to take part. 
We will choose a winner on Sunday, 15th of October on midnight. 

Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

Rooftop Breakletics and Yoga - Train with MyClubs

It's been about a week ago since we spent a wonderful evening high up on a private rooftop in Zurich for a special sport event. We were able to enjoy a mixed workout starting with a Breakletics lesson by Leandro Fortino who teaches at Balboa and followed by a Yoga lesson by Yogini Diana from O yoga. After these two workouts I was pretty exhausted but super happy. And of course we didn't let the opportunity pass by to take some picutres for our blogs with this outstanding view. 
With a MyClubs membership you get access to more than 200 studios where you can train, according to your daily mood and location. I will give you an update soon about where I trained with my personal recommendations. 
If you have any questions about MyClubs or you wanna start training - feel free to contact me!
I am also happy to meet some of you guys during sports.

It was so lovely to train with all the girls who where with us on the rooftop. Thanks Katrin from Sonrisa, Xenia from Power Peak Passion, Carina from I am Metalheart, Anina from Blossik, Selina from TrainTreatTravel, Solveig from ShapebySolveig, Janine, Martina von MartinaGlows, Maria, and Sabrina from Healthy and Happy for being part of this experience! Don't forget to check out their pages - all of them run amazing blogs in the field of sport, health, lifestyle and fashion. 

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