Samstag, 20. Mai 2017

Summer Vibes with Esprit in Rome

Summer is back and I'll be sharing loads of outfit inspirations with you the next weeks. I absolutely love floral, colorful dresses. Paired with some platform sneakers they make for me the perfect city look. We shot this look at the Macro Museum in Rome about two weeks ago. While strolling around in the museum area. I was really happy to be able to only wear a dress and not a dozen of layers anymore.

I was visiting a good friend who is currently studying in Rome and I immediately fell in love again with this lovely city. There is something so special about Rome for me, I can't explain. We were having so many nice encounters with people. But also the warmer temperature makes me happier in a second. Let's hope it's gonna be a summer full of traveling, sun and great encounters.

You can find my selection for the perfect, cozy summer city stroll below at Esprit. 

Enjoy the evening and have a happy weekend! 

Photography: Claudia Cherubini

Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Weleda - Natural Solution For Sport Lovers

Today I am sharing a little workout routing in collaboration with Weleda to help you to keep balanced and in line with yourself.

Whenever I am in a stressful time, I try to keep some moments to myself, to take care of my body. To move is the best method to get rid of stress and to calm down. I often go running in a park nearby my home, and even if it is just for 30 minutes I feel so much happier and relaxt afterwards. 

What I do after running is having a little stretch, do some yoga positions and add some easy bodyweight exercises. You just need space for a yoga mat, thats all. I won't call the exercises with it's sporty names - if someone has title suggestions for them, feel free to tell me. 
But I will explain how to do them. 

The drink you see on my pictures is some fresh coconut water with a bit of lime. I love it, as it is more hydrating than water and refuels you with it's fresh taste. I often drink it before and after my workouts. 

To stay fresh and not annoy fellow sporty lovers next to me I use the Weleda Citrus 24H Deodorant
It is great to see, that a natural brand is developing more and more a wider range of products. Everything you put directly on your body should only contain harmless natural ingredients. And this is the case with Weleda products. I am happy to trust in natural cosmetics and this one also passed the sport test. You can get it in three different scents: Citrus, Grenadine and one for Men with Herbal Scents.

So here are some exercises I use to do after running. 

N° 1: Leglift

Lay down on one side and balance your weight on your underarm and your hip, stretch both legs. 
Lift the upper leg slowly up to 45 degree or a little more, then go back to the start position. 
Repeat slowly 20 times, each side. 

No° 2: Pocket Knive(that's how some people call it in Swiss)

Lay down on your back, put your elbows aside your body and lift your upper body a bit. Make sure your back is straight. Strech your legs and press them together. Then lift them until you reached an angle of more than 45 degrees. When you go down with your legs, make sure you don't touch the floor but keep the tension. Repeat slowly 20 times. 

No° 3: Hip Raise 

Raise your hips, try to be straight and lift your butt. 
Then lift one leg up and go up and down with your hip, your leg stretched out. 
Repeat 15 times each side. 

No°4:  Push up 

Make sure your back is straight and you keep the tension. 
Repeat 10 times - or more if you can. (I can't) 

And - we are done. 

Stretch and Relax

After each workout I do some stretching. I choose whatever makes me feel comfortable to release eventual tensions. 

And - very important: take a moment to relax. Breathe deeply and calm down.

Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Miami Vibes and Skate Parks II

Ready for Summer? We are!

I am happy to share the second part of the shooting out of the collaboration with Oliver and Moritz from The Lipsbrothers. If you missed the first part, discover some more Miami Vibes here. 
I am currently totally into the 90ies feeling if it is about fashion and can't get enough of those silky dresses and pastel colors. 

So let's get it on, that Summer vibe. 

We are wearing complete looks from the Diesel SS17 Collection. 

Pictures by Moritz Lips.

Freitag, 14. April 2017

Get your Milan Street style with Shopbop

Happy Friday! 

I hope you are enjoying some time off just as I do. 
I mentioned the Shopbop sale in my last post - there are great news, they extended the sale for the weekend!  

For some spring outfit inspiration I'm sharing the first look from our trip to Milan a week ago. We were so lucky to have two beautiful sunny days. I love this city more and more. There are so many places to discover. I used to come there for work and I had the change to see some fancy places with the team I would have never discovered else wise. I will share those places in a next post. 

Enjoy the Easter weekend and happy shopping!

You can find the products on Shopbop by clicking on the link. 
Make sure to use the code Event17 to get 20% discount 
(under 500$ Purchase) and 25% (over 500$ purchase).

Pictures by


Montag, 10. April 2017

Shopbop Spring Madness - get some special discount

Spring is just around the corner and I am having an eye on some essentials for the sunny season. 
I always love to invest in some special pieces at the beginning of the season to be equipped. 

For those who follow me for a while you must have realized that I am a huge fan of SHOPBOP. 
That's why I'll promote their exclusive Sale for Shopbop Insiders starting tomorrow April 11th at (let's be exact) 7.18 AM Easter time - so one day earlier than for everyone else. And it will last just until Friday the 14th of April. So right in time to get some easter presents. 
I am shopping many of my basic and a bit more expensive pieces there as the selection is just huge and I always find what I am looking for. 

 I am happy to exclusively share the code for some shopping happiness with you. 
I've put my personal spring favorites together and you'll find the links below. 

My favorites from left to right from top to bottom: 

Enter this code on Shopbop and you will get the discount <3

Samstag, 8. April 2017

My true nature - Weleda

Hello my dears

For once this will become a rather personal entry in collaboration with a brand I have a special relationship since I can remember. I grew up with Weleda and when back in the days it was just a product we had at home because my mom used to buy it, I became a big fan of it myself today. 
The reason is very simple - they are strong in developing products which try to not harm our nature and use ingredients which come from our nature. 

Some weeks ago I got the chance to travel with Weleda to Vienna to discover their newest baby. A special vegan lipbalm which supports your natural beauty with a touch of color. The "rose" one you see on the pictures is my favorite. It perfectly fits my daily make up routine which is mostly very subtle. There are two other shades to discover, "nude" and "berry red". 
While we were in Vienna we had the chance to discover our own "true nature" in some workshop. 

For me it is an important question to pose yourself, when can you really be your true you.
I had to realize the past years, the more you work in a fast forward field like fashion and events you have to be cautious not to loose yourself and get overwhelmed with all those possibilities, projects and people you are daily confronted with. Even if this is exactly what I love doing, there need to be breaks to stay able to value your opportunities. I started to  really appreciate time for myself and to consciously disconnect from social media and communication tools. The most refueling thing for me is to be outside in the nature and do sports. Since I've started surfing two years ago, my relationship to the nature grew a lot because at some point you realize how much she can give you back. Sitting on your board in the ocean and just watch waves passing by is something so calming you have to witness yourself. 
And something wonderful is as well, sharing such moment with close friends you don't even have to talk to but can just enjoy those moments side by side and relax. 

To support your true self, I think it is important to treat yourself the way you treat others. With that I mean of course treating yourself the best way you can. 
As I absolutely love flowers, this is one of my ways to show some self love because I know buying (or even better, collecting wild-) flowers instantly makes me happy. And you've got a piece of nature in your flat. 
The pictures were shot by my mom during an afternoon of quality time - another thing that just makes me happy and you cannot worship enough. 

Brands who support our nature and the true you, are brands my heart beats for. 
Thank you Weleda for a wonderful trip to Vienna and the incentive to get closer to #mytruenature. 

Samstag, 1. April 2017

Miami Vibes and Skate Parks

Welcome to the third part of the collaboration between The Lips brothers and Bonsoir Chérie. 
We are continuing the story we started in Fall. Two weeks ago we were shooting this story in the skatepark in Zurich. Wishing for some Miami vibes in our pictures we were very lucky to have amazing weather in mid March. 

We are wearing total looks of the Diesel SS17 Main Collection. Soft pastel colors, and a blue sky made us feel very summery. I love working with fellow bloggers, it is the best to share a passion and create something together. And if there is a skate park included, it is even more fun. Although skating in this gown was probably not the very best idea. 

 I hope you enjoy the result as much as we do.

Have a happy weekend!

Photography: Moritz Lips
Male Model: Oliver Lips 

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