Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012


Last weekend, we flight to berlin quite spontaneous and enjoyed some exciting days.  Due to the opening of Berlin Fashion Week, a lot of exhibitions and openings take place. We took part on the opening of Kay Strassers project "Terranauten". I really loved the photographs and wanted to share them with you, so here they are!

The Terranauten is a project of professional  dancer Lisa Oettinghaus and freelance photographer Kay Strasser. They have developed a symbiotic project between dimensions of the creative worlds: text meets dance meets photography, creating something new. Terranauten explores spaces with gravity, and provides a relation between the act of flying, and the texture of the ground. This is what they capture in exciting photos that show what cannot be, taken without tricks, without any technical manipulations and without photomontage. 


  1. Wow bist du das???
    Toller Blog, weiter so!!!
    Den Pulli hab ich von Forever 21
    LG Tanja

  2. Danke dir:) Nein das auf dem Bild bin leider nicht ich..habe die Tänzerin aber kennengelernt, und sie ist einfach nur toll!

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