Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016


When I recently got a skateboard deck for my birthday my mom's reaction was not very enthusiastic. 
One more hobby that is not on the safest side. But mom, I promise I'll take care!
So after visiting Paranoia store to get the wheels and tires the next purchase was a helmet. Well promised is promised. 

So this cool Alpina helmet is now saving my head from any damages. Still made some experiences with the floor - though I could still improve security for hands and knees. But you only learn by doing. So this summer you will see me around with my board - trying to get some skating done. 
As there are unfortunately no waves in Switzerland, this is the solution for now. Until the next trip. 
For all the surfers - or the ones who are into travel and surf, you shouldn't miss the newest movie from Deus Ex Machina "South to Sian". Two friends travelling through Indonesia with a bunch of surfboards and heavy bikes. 
I totally fell in love with their way of live - that's what I always do when I see that kind of movie. 
And I promise myself - at some point - I will be out there as well. At least for a certain time. 
First step in the right direction was taking a break of paper writing for my studies and go out for some skateboarding. 

I'm wearing: 

Freestyle Helmet: Alpina
Ripped Denim: Zara
 White Bomberjacket: Zara

Deck: Doodah 
Wheels and Tires: Paranoia 

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  1. Awesome!

  2. Super cooler Look! Einfach klasse!
    Liebe Grüsse Mirjam


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