Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Trenchcoat Experience with Nabholz

Hello Lovelies.

I recently completed my wardrobe with a beautiful trench coat from the swiss label Nabholz. I am amazed by all the love they've put in the details. It is not just a great fashion piece for your basic wardrobe but also kind of an "intelligent" means functional piece of clothing. 

A less functional piece are my jeans. I'd never imagined but my distressed jeans are really getting a lot of attention in my daily life. As for me they are just a fun fashion piece to play with, a lot of people are still offended by visible knees in destroyed pants. It happened to me twice the last days to get some quite rude comments. 
Fashion should be fun. Just try out different stuff and don't take yourself too serious. 
If you dress up for yourself - and not for an important meeting almost everything is allowed. 
And it would be boring if everyone would walk around the same. So I hope you don't get distracted by some bored people making senseless comments about your look. 

The base for todays look was an all black outfit paired with white shoes. My white leather sneakers from Diesel are my current favorites. They are my substitute for the converse chucks I used to wear a lot. . A very minimal look. I added some accessories like the Karen Walker sunglasses and my Pushback watch from swatch and the bright lemon green cardigan. It is so easy to change your simple look to one which is a bit more fashionable by just pairing it with some more fancy pieces. 

I wish you all a happy sunday. Hope you had a nice weekend and you're full of energy to start the new week tomorrow. 

I'm wearing: 

Trenchcoat: Nabholz
Reverse Tote: Diesel
Leather Sneakers: Diesel
Longcardican: Primark
Scarf: Hugenberg Cashmere
Distressed Jeans: H&M

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