Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

My choice for a Skitrip with BestSecret

Wintertime is for sports in the dreamy white wonderland. 
I am looking forward to many days up in the snow. Lucky me we are living in a place where the mountains are all around you. Only the snow is still missing a little bit at the moment - but I am convinced it will arrive soon.. Or at least I really hope so.

For the perfect day in the snow you need the right equipment. So here is a first selection of what I would wear to go skiing. Beside that I fancy them all the interesting thing about the selection below is that those items are available for a very special price. This is possible thanks to BestSecret. A page which features many great labels where you can get the pieces with a lot of discount. I recently found some shoes I've been searching for ages but they weren't available anymore because the season was over. So I was very lucky to find them online on Best Secret. (You will get to see this precious shoes in a separate post)   

You will only be able to enter this page by invitation and registration - so the 25 fastest readers of Bonsoir Chérie can use this Landingpage to BestSecret and will get access to the site.
I'm sure you'll find some pretty christmas gifts over there. They have a wide selection in the fields of fashion and sportswear. If you are fast enough the items will arrive before Christmas!

Happy Shopping!

From left to right: 

Bogner - Ski goggles

Bogner Fire + Ice -  Skiing gloves

Mountain Force - Jacket

Reebok - Shirt

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