Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017

How to organize a cozy workspace at home

I often work from home for the blog or for university. For me this means a proper workplace is a must. I can't even start working on something if it is messy around me. I always clean up first and only then I can concentrate. This helps me to focus.
I would like to share some tips and inspiration how to arrange your desk to get into the working mood.
As how to create a workplace in a small space. As we don't have a huge flat everything needs to be very optimized. I started with a very practical table/shelf combination from IKEA. With this combination I have eveything organized in a small space. If you have more space - look at the beautiful table in the selection below you might have seen a similar one on many pinterest boards.

In winter I always put shepskins on my chair to keep it a bit cozier and warm.
In front of me there are some of my favorite graphic posters. To adapt the light according the natural light I've got different lamps - my beloved Empire State Building Lamp for proper light and a lightbulb chain to add some atmosphere.

You can find here some items from IKEA which inspired me for my workspace.
As said the Linnmon Table is so beautiful - I might need to detox my belongings one day and get such a table instead of my current practical one.

 Find the products from left to right, starting in the upper line.
SVARTRÅ Lighbulb Chain,  MANHATTAN MAP Vintage Manhattan Map Poster, MÖLLTORP Worldmap Poster, LINNMON / FINNVARD Table , FORSÅ Pixar Lamp, LUDDE Shepskin 

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