Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Take your memories with you wherever you go

I love photos. So much that sometimes I have to hold myself back from taking a picture instead of just enjoying the moment. But afterwards I am still happy to have something to help my brain refresh the memory. So make sure to be present in the moment and first just only enjoy where you are and what you see. And after a while you can allow yourself to capture this moment on your camera to keep it not only in your heart but also on a memory card. I often browse through photos I took during a trip and dream of the wonderful moments we had, or that funny situation which might have followed right after the picture was taken.

When I don't have my camera with me (a canon 5D mark II) I often refrain from taking pictures of nature because with a phone you are mostly not able to catch the light the way  it is. I rely on putting manual settings to make sure I can capture the light and the atmosphere the way it really is appearing to me and how I see it. And not how the automatic settings of the camera are taking it. 

As well I bring my camera to take pictures to make sure I've got the right quality to edit them at home. I always use lightroom first and then start to edit in detail on photoshop.
When I got some special landspace or skyline shots I sometimes print them on large canvas for my home. I like the fact to have something you did by yourself as decoration.
And If you travel with someone I personally consider it as a lovely gift to create a travel diary or print some photos you can hand over with a personal note. This is one of the most beautiful memories you can gift someone. To print out pictures or even to produce a canvas with your shot you can easily access suppliers online, for example Colorfotoservice is offering a wide range of products. 
Like this you don't only have your pictures on your phone or camera but really in your hands.

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