Samstag, 8. April 2017

My true nature - Weleda

Hello my dears

For once this will become a rather personal entry in collaboration with a brand I have a special relationship since I can remember. I grew up with Weleda and when back in the days it was just a product we had at home because my mom used to buy it, I became a big fan of it myself today. 
The reason is very simple - they are strong in developing products which try to not harm our nature and use ingredients which come from our nature. 

Some weeks ago I got the chance to travel with Weleda to Vienna to discover their newest baby. A special vegan lipbalm which supports your natural beauty with a touch of color. The "rose" one you see on the pictures is my favorite. It perfectly fits my daily make up routine which is mostly very subtle. There are two other shades to discover, "nude" and "berry red". 
While we were in Vienna we had the chance to discover our own "true nature" in some workshop. 

For me it is an important question to pose yourself, when can you really be your true you.
I had to realize the past years, the more you work in a fast forward field like fashion and events you have to be cautious not to loose yourself and get overwhelmed with all those possibilities, projects and people you are daily confronted with. Even if this is exactly what I love doing, there need to be breaks to stay able to value your opportunities. I started to  really appreciate time for myself and to consciously disconnect from social media and communication tools. The most refueling thing for me is to be outside in the nature and do sports. Since I've started surfing two years ago, my relationship to the nature grew a lot because at some point you realize how much she can give you back. Sitting on your board in the ocean and just watch waves passing by is something so calming you have to witness yourself. 
And something wonderful is as well, sharing such moment with close friends you don't even have to talk to but can just enjoy those moments side by side and relax. 

To support your true self, I think it is important to treat yourself the way you treat others. With that I mean of course treating yourself the best way you can. 
As I absolutely love flowers, this is one of my ways to show some self love because I know buying (or even better, collecting wild-) flowers instantly makes me happy. And you've got a piece of nature in your flat. 
The pictures were shot by my mom during an afternoon of quality time - another thing that just makes me happy and you cannot worship enough. 

Brands who support our nature and the true you, are brands my heart beats for. 
Thank you Weleda for a wonderful trip to Vienna and the incentive to get closer to #mytruenature. 

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