Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

Occasionwear for summer cocktails

Dear All

The wedding and event season is on and with it the question what to wear. I will share some outfit inspiration in two parts. In this post am actually showing a dress, that could even be kind of a wedding dress for a bohemian wedding. I definitely don't recommend to wear it as a wedding guest. 

But - there are other occasions where you are allowed to dress up - and -  to wear white. For example a chic summer reception or a cocktail. Or if you go to the Opera you can also wear such a robe and feel like Cinderella. 

The dress is from Frock and Frill and I got it via Zalando. Where I do my (mostly last minute) occasion wear shopping. Because running around from store to store is just very stressful if you are working full time and are as late as I am most of the time. 
So you can just get your selection delivered at your home and try it on in a relaxed mood. I am now ready for any occasion which asks for a proper dress, only in need of an invitation now. With the dress that follows in the second post I will also give you an option to attend a wedding as a guest - with a romantic and chic dress. 

We shot the pictures in Rome in front of the Colosseo where there were many many people around us, so we decided to take a walk a bit to find a quiet spot. We were super lucky to find this oldtimer Mercedes Cabrio which I would love to call mine..

Photos by Claudia Cherubini

Shoes: Office


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