Montag, 17. Juli 2017

Ponza - Italianita on a paradise island

I still haven't shared all the pictures from our trip to the lovely island Ponza which is located 2 hours away from Rome in the mediterranean sea. We found the most perfect little alleys to get lost and take pictures. 

I can only recommend to visit this place. We've rented a little airbnb at the port and explored the island for two days. Finding a secret beach down a hill and eating the best seafood and pizza you can imagine. For me Italy is just unbeatable with it's charm. And on this island I felt so detached and happy it was truly special.

In August it is probably a bit full, due to all the Italians having their holidays if you're looking for a party vacation. But afterwards in September it will be calmer and relaxing again. 
What are your favorite summer spots? Any recommendations? 

Photos by Claudia Cherubini


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