Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2015

Preparing Berlin Fashion Week

I am currently planning my schedule for Berlin Fashion Week and I am happy as a kid about it.
I love to visit Berlin. There is always something unexpected. As a foodlover I am especially looking forward to all the delicious food I'm going to have. And of course the people I'm going to meet.Is anyone of you going to be there next week? Would be a pleasure to meet some of you!

It is always difficult to pack stuff for a Fashionweek in Winter. As you want to look fashionable but still not freeze. So this is one of the outfits I'm gonna have with me for the days in Berlin. 

I'll go for some black basics and some colorful add-ons. And if somethings missing - we all now - what would be a trip whit out some little shopping? I love to bring back stuff from my travels. As long as you're not exaggerating. In Berlin there are some shops which we don't have here in Switzerland. Such as Weekday, And other stories or Urban Outfitters. And I really love the "Kauf dich Glücklich" stores. 

I'm wearing:

Ankle Boots with silver buckles: Zara
Leatherpants: Zara
Coat with leather collar: Sandro
Glasses: Ray Ban
Pony Bag: Zara
Knit sweater with zips: Forever21

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