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Fast Fashion - A Fashion Bloggers Role and Responsibility.

As I was part of a little Video Interview for NZZ, a local daily. I want to take the opportunity and share some thoughts about the ongoing phenomena of fashion blogging.

Find here the link to the video(it is in german but if someone wants a little overview I will translate it for you)

There are three topics coming up on which I want to give a comment.

The short documentary is about bloggers who support the fast fashion movement with their business. They keep inspiring the young to buy a lot and therefore cheap fashion.
I am very critical if it comes to that. I am aware of the fact that people (hopefully) find some inspiration in my outfits and might want to recreate them. But never forget that blogs can also be inspiring to combine your pieces in a new way. I always try to make clear no one needs tons of stuff to be well dressed. Readers who follow my blog will realize that most of my pieces pop up a lot of times and I play with basics.
I always suggest to invest in basics and accessories so you can combine it differently. On top it is very important that every one by himself knows that we should buy responsible.
As I am doing the blog as an inspiration I try to find the right balance. But Bonsoir Cherie does not claim to be an only fair trade Fashionblog. Just because right now there is such a lack of fair produced fashion. The best possibility is to check labels and to avoid overbuying. But unfortunately this is very difficult and furthermore very expensive. I really hope there will be an improvement in the near future especially concerning working conditions.
If I write about how fashion can be  inspiring I never forget about the problems behind.

The issue of collaborations comes up in the video as well.
Why do brands work with bloggers? Most of us are all over. On blogspot, facebook, twitter, instagram we post images every day. They have become much more important the last years. Big companies will work with bloggers to improve their visibility, to be cool and independent and just because others do. We deliver nice pictures in a comparable short amount of time. And you can chose your influencers very well according the brand. We are fast sharing.
Many of uf get presssamples and yes sometimes you don't know what to do with it. But if you communicate with the agencies you can join forces and both sides will be happy because only the right products for the own blog will be presented. Therefore you have an honest opinion about a product and there will be no "wasted" press samples. And if there is something which is not pleasing you - you can always gift it to someone who really likes this special product.
This is the way I try to do it.

One topic which is really very important to me is the reality of blogging. Most of us only show the sunny side of life. So do I.
I was a bit scared when people started asking if I am nonstop on holiday and not working at all.
Suddenly I realized that this world on instagram is taken for granted.
Of course there are real pictures. But these are only rare and beautiful moments.
Few people will share the wakeup call in the morning, or tons of work they need to finish, or the bad mood. I am also more motivated to spread some positive and cheerful pictures.
But of course there are difficult moments in my life often enough. Just like in everyones life.

For me blogging was something I wanted to do to get a little step closer to the dream to work in the fashion industry. Just because I am into it due to different reasons. I use the blog as a platform to practice all these things you might need later on. Doing styling, shootings and of course to get closer to the community. Like a playground.
And suddenly if you were patient enough there will be inquiries from brands which want to work with you. That was an amazing moment to be honest. Is there anything better than to hear from someone he likes what you do?
That's what cooperations are about. The Appreciation by brands or people behind a brand.

I hope to inspire people to follow their goals and dreams and not just to buy more stuff. Do the most out of what you've got. If it is about life in general or just about styling your dress.

So with that I hope you can follow my blog and others with an open mind and enjoy the fun and inspiring part but always keep in mind that this is not how life looks like. But more an idea what we like to imagine ourselves.

You can find the look we shot on this day with a little teaser about todays words here:
The essence of fashion blogging.

I'd appreciate your feedback.

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