Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

The essence of fashion blogging.

The header is actually teasing more than I'd reveal for now. l tell you more about the story behind this look very soon. 
One thing in advance - the only reason why I keep doing this is passion. 
Otherwise I'd given up a long time ago. No free beauty sample or gifted clothes could make me doing this. If I would count all the hours I've spent for the blog the last years after my daily job and studies and think about how much I must have earned if I would have been spending them on a 'real job' my bank account would look pretty nice..
As it is always a challenge to combine blogging, daily job and private life I will start sharing some thoughts from time to time. To break out a little bit out of this clean and well photographed life which is always presented on the blog. 
Next week there will be more. You will see a little interview I did for a local daily about blogging and the responsibility of all of us if it is about fast fashion.

For once I share a look which is a bit more layered as some of my previous Tel Aviv Looks.
I really like the biker leather pants combined with the very special cut of the jacket.
My current fashion love is the Rebecca Minkoff bag - although I thought the bag is much bigger when I ordered it, I am really very happy. It has the ideal size to become your daily companion.
The look is quite more for autumn - but as you never know what the weather's like in Switzerland you can easily wear such a look in July.

Thank you Bellemelle for taking the pictures. 

I'm wearing: 

Watch: Michael Kors
Headphones: Philips
 Leather Pants/Coat/Sneakers/Shoes and Shirt: Diesel

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