Freitag, 18. November 2016

Surfing in November - Surferslodge Peniche with Surfzurich

If you follow my instagram account you will probably have realized that I am still indulging in the memories of the trip we did with surfzurich. We had just the perfect conditions. With some lovely friends we stayed at the Surfers Lodge in Peniche, Portugal. They offered everything you could wish for. Even an amazing rooftop with pool and jacuzzi and a lot of space to do morning Yoga with a view. The food they served (we had burgers and fresh fish) was really delicious. 
The surf breaks are a 10minutes walk further down the street and you can get bikes or skates for free to get down there. We mostly surfed Lagide. 
Together with two friends I booked some surf lessons there to improve.
We were very lucky with our guide. Always looking for the right spot for us, nice waves, not too crowded and according to our level. After some bigger waves in Bali in October I was a bit blocked and had to overcome the fear of waves. Felt pretty stupid and you know all the time it is only mental but hesitation in the water will only bring you wipeouts. So I was insisting on small waves to get the confidence back. Surfing is an amazing sport but you need a lot of patience. And I always have a lot of respect of the ocean. Especially if I don't now the spot I want to learn first about current or the underground and of course check tides before going out. There are days were everything is perfect and even bigger waves are easy to take, but then it happens that nothing goes right and you feel like you never surfed before. 

So for me it is the best to take lessons again from time to time. The nice thing here is as well, that almost every guide will teach you something on top you haven't known before. 

To not shorten the fashion part of this blog I am sharing a Peniche style with you. 
Most important was to stay comfy and warm. Temperatures were mild this time, but after you've been in the water you get cold pretty quick. Our bags contained warm sweaters, down jackes, beanies and ugg boots to be safe. The day these pictures were taken was actually the warmest one.

I am wearing: 

Military Jacket: Stradivarus
Blondie Shirt: Stradivarius
Shoes: Adidas Gazelle
Ripped Skinny Jeans: Mango

Photos by Simon Schmalfeld 


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