Samstag, 29. März 2014

Flea Market Saturday in Zurich

I love to stroll through the flea markets which always take place on saturdays in zurich. Today there was a bike market as well, so I've got myself a new bicycle! I'm going to discover Zurich by bike from now on. It gives me kind of a summer feeling, if you can go everywhere with your bike. Have a nice weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!

I'm wearing:

Sweater : Klamott
Shoes: Chloé Susanna Boots
Leather Jacket: H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection
Bag: Mango 


  1. Watch it with your bike in Zürich

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  3. Tolles Outfit! Der Pullover gefällt mir super :)

  4. geile pulli!!! <3

    Amandine (lesberlinettes)

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