Freitag, 21. März 2014

The Circus Zurich - Hair and Make up school

I had the opportunity to have a look at Björn von Rotz's Hair and Make up school in zurich, called The Circus. The school is installed in the most amazing interior and located in the heart of zurich. 
Not only the atmosphere is very special, but especially the way they teach. 
Some of the best Hair and Make up Artists are in the team, with the aim to unite people with passion.
It's not only about how to style hair at its best, but to create your own style, to go further with your ideas and connect between the disciplines.
If I would have a little more talent for hairdos, I would subscribe immediately. But I love to get my hair done from time to time by the wonderful Lilith Amrad, who's also in the team. 

She did this wonderful hairstyling and the make up, you see on the pictures below. Thank you Lilith!

To get more informations about the school, and to see more pictures go to The Circus. 

I'm wearing: 

Silk Blouse: Sandro Paris
Leatherpants: H&M
Shoes with silver buckles: Zara
Jewelry: Forever 21, VanRycke

Pictures by , Editing by Bonsoir Chérie

Pictures were made by the lovely Steffi from Thank you!

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