Montag, 21. April 2014

Westwing Home and Living Interior Design Treasures

I finally started to focus more on interior decoration. I'm into a very basic and clean style but of course with some special details. 

I just ordered a beautiful black longhair sheepskin via the interior design online shop westwing home and living. They have some great sales to moderate prices. You always pay less, than in store, because they've made some special deals. But the supply is for a limited time only. I found some pretty stuff there, if you're into decorating, you should definitely check it out. 

I still look for a affordable way to own a diamond chair or the eames chair. I'm not very into fakes, because I'd rather support the original design. So I will stroll around flea markets, and who knows, maybe I'll find one of those babies. 

And I promise, as soon as I did some decorating stuff - I'll show you some pictures. Till then, I'm looking for some inspiration on tumblr and co. Does anyone of you know some cool interior design blogs?

Picture via apenthus blog.


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