Samstag, 20. Mai 2017

Summer Vibes with Esprit in Rome

Summer is back and I'll be sharing loads of outfit inspirations with you the next weeks. I absolutely love floral, colorful dresses. Paired with some platform sneakers they make for me the perfect city look. We shot this look at the Macro Museum in Rome about two weeks ago. While strolling around in the museum area. I was really happy to be able to only wear a dress and not a dozen of layers anymore.

I was visiting a good friend who is currently studying in Rome and I immediately fell in love again with this lovely city. There is something so special about Rome for me, I can't explain. We were having so many nice encounters with people. But also the warmer temperature makes me happier in a second. Let's hope it's gonna be a summer full of traveling, sun and great encounters.

You can find my selection for the perfect, cozy summer city stroll below at Esprit. 

Enjoy the evening and have a happy weekend! 

Photography: Claudia Cherubini

Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Weleda - Natural Solution For Sport Lovers

Today I am sharing a little workout routing in collaboration with Weleda to help you to keep balanced and in line with yourself.

Whenever I am in a stressful time, I try to keep some moments to myself, to take care of my body. To move is the best method to get rid of stress and to calm down. I often go running in a park nearby my home, and even if it is just for 30 minutes I feel so much happier and relaxt afterwards. 

What I do after running is having a little stretch, do some yoga positions and add some easy bodyweight exercises. You just need space for a yoga mat, thats all. I won't call the exercises with it's sporty names - if someone has title suggestions for them, feel free to tell me. 
But I will explain how to do them. 

The drink you see on my pictures is some fresh coconut water with a bit of lime. I love it, as it is more hydrating than water and refuels you with it's fresh taste. I often drink it before and after my workouts. 

To stay fresh and not annoy fellow sporty lovers next to me I use the Weleda Citrus 24H Deodorant
It is great to see, that a natural brand is developing more and more a wider range of products. Everything you put directly on your body should only contain harmless natural ingredients. And this is the case with Weleda products. I am happy to trust in natural cosmetics and this one also passed the sport test. You can get it in three different scents: Citrus, Grenadine and one for Men with Herbal Scents.

So here are some exercises I use to do after running. 

N° 1: Leglift

Lay down on one side and balance your weight on your underarm and your hip, stretch both legs. 
Lift the upper leg slowly up to 45 degree or a little more, then go back to the start position. 
Repeat slowly 20 times, each side. 

No° 2: Pocket Knive(that's how some people call it in Swiss)

Lay down on your back, put your elbows aside your body and lift your upper body a bit. Make sure your back is straight. Strech your legs and press them together. Then lift them until you reached an angle of more than 45 degrees. When you go down with your legs, make sure you don't touch the floor but keep the tension. Repeat slowly 20 times. 

No° 3: Hip Raise 

Raise your hips, try to be straight and lift your butt. 
Then lift one leg up and go up and down with your hip, your leg stretched out. 
Repeat 15 times each side. 

No°4:  Push up 

Make sure your back is straight and you keep the tension. 
Repeat 10 times - or more if you can. (I can't) 

And - we are done. 

Stretch and Relax

After each workout I do some stretching. I choose whatever makes me feel comfortable to release eventual tensions. 

And - very important: take a moment to relax. Breathe deeply and calm down.

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