Freitag, 25. November 2016

Urban Boho - how to combine knits in winter

Even if I don't like the cold I love to be able to wear knits again. If the knit is in good quality - here I mean natural material like cotton or mohair or even cashmere it will keep you warm. Like this you can still wear your leatherjackets in colder temperatures. With adding some accessories the look gets fashionable. I still take out the same hat season after season because somehow it seems to stay trendy. How to you handle the colder season in terms of fashion? 

I'm wearing: 

Knit: Vintage
Fouldard: Stradivarius
Hat: H&M 
Leather Jacket with Shearling Collar: Diesel 
Belt: Mango
Ripped Denims: Mango
Biker Boots: Diesel 

Montag, 21. November 2016

Interior Crush - Evian x Christian Lacroix

I am very happy to share a special project I've been working on some weeks ago. 
To celebrate the ten years anniversary of the evian limited editions the initiators of the project, Christian Lacroix and evian united for a second time. The characteristic Paseo design was newly interpreted according to the "Live Young" philosophy of evian. 

To celebrate the ten years anniversary of the evian limited editions the initiators of the project, Christian Lacroix and evian united for a second time. The characteristic Paseo design was newly interpreted according to the "Live Young" philosophy of evian. 

I had the pleasure to work together with evian to put the bottles in scene. So this is actually how our dinner table looks every night - or maybe not. But the cozy winter edition is very true to the style of our flat. So you get a little insight of how we live. 
And of course the cookies on the table are a must next to the beautiful evian glass bottles. 
They are an eyecatcher on every festive table. And of course also to enlighten your daily water moments.  I love the fact that you can also use the bottles for decoration once they are empty.

In Switzerland you can get the bottles in selected warehouses, restaurants and hotels.
I'm happy I've got some at my place already. 


Freitag, 18. November 2016

Surfing in November - Surferslodge Peniche with Surfzurich

If you follow my instagram account you will probably have realized that I am still indulging in the memories of the trip we did with surfzurich. We had just the perfect conditions. With some lovely friends we stayed at the Surfers Lodge in Peniche, Portugal. They offered everything you could wish for. Even an amazing rooftop with pool and jacuzzi and a lot of space to do morning Yoga with a view. The food they served (we had burgers and fresh fish) was really delicious. 
The surf breaks are a 10minutes walk further down the street and you can get bikes or skates for free to get down there. We mostly surfed Lagide. 
Together with two friends I booked some surf lessons there to improve.
We were very lucky with our guide. Always looking for the right spot for us, nice waves, not too crowded and according to our level. After some bigger waves in Bali in October I was a bit blocked and had to overcome the fear of waves. Felt pretty stupid and you know all the time it is only mental but hesitation in the water will only bring you wipeouts. So I was insisting on small waves to get the confidence back. Surfing is an amazing sport but you need a lot of patience. And I always have a lot of respect of the ocean. Especially if I don't now the spot I want to learn first about current or the underground and of course check tides before going out. There are days were everything is perfect and even bigger waves are easy to take, but then it happens that nothing goes right and you feel like you never surfed before. 

So for me it is the best to take lessons again from time to time. The nice thing here is as well, that almost every guide will teach you something on top you haven't known before. 

To not shorten the fashion part of this blog I am sharing a Peniche style with you. 
Most important was to stay comfy and warm. Temperatures were mild this time, but after you've been in the water you get cold pretty quick. Our bags contained warm sweaters, down jackes, beanies and ugg boots to be safe. The day these pictures were taken was actually the warmest one.

I am wearing: 

Military Jacket: Stradivarus
Blondie Shirt: Stradivarius
Shoes: Adidas Gazelle
Ripped Skinny Jeans: Mango

Photos by Simon Schmalfeld 


Samstag, 5. November 2016

Home away from Home

While traveling you end up at places you've never been before, sometimes only for a very short amount of time. Especially if I travel alone for work or for the blog I really love to stay somewhere where I instantly feel at home. Of course the people you meet make the essential difference on journeys but a good place makes the perfect base. 

Whenever I am in Vienna I love to stay at Pentahotel. It is a well designed hotel with a super cozy lobby where you can just hang around and work. And of course order lots of Capucchinos.
I've got the same feelings for the Ruby Hotels in Vienna. They have super cool interior design and lovely rooms with amazing sound systems in there. And the coolest bar staff which will prepare you drinks in the middle of the night when you come back from the airport after a cancelled flight. 

In Amsterdam I love the Volkshotel, they also offer a huge working area and a nice restaurant which turns into a bar and restaurant for external guests as well. In the evenings they are having concerts and parties. That way you can work remote and also get to know local people easily. 

I'm still trying to find those places all over the world - so if you have any suggestions let me know. 
I will share my most actual favorites from time to time on the blog. 
On the pictures you see me in the lobby of Penta Hotel Vienna. 

I am wearing: 
Vintage Star Wars Shirt
Coated Denim: Diesel
Boots with Buckles: Diesel
Leather Jacket: Diesel
Necklace: La vie est belle


Mittwoch, 2. November 2016

Military Remix - quilted jackets and embroideries

Its been a while since my last update on the blog. I've been traveling and we realized a lot of cool projects at work. So the ones following me on Instagram and checking out the Instastories might have seen where I was hiding. 
First two weeks in Bali where I almost didn't came back. First of all because of the beauty of this island and it's warmhearted people. Second because I spent too much time in the sun and had a bad experience with pretty serious sunstroke for several days. In the end we made it back and brought countless memories home. If you would like to hear more about our travels - I consider writing an article dedicated to Bali and the places we explored. 

We are already in the middle of Fall here in Switzerland, even if I somehow missed the point where this slight change from warm Summer to cold temperatures happened. 
These pictures were taken when you still could walk around with bare legs - and some of you live in places on this world where you probably still can. So just add some tights if you live in one of those not so warm countries and the look will work. I am wearing one of my favorite pieces out of the Diesel Fall Winter Collection, the Military quilted jacket with embroideries. Even though I was never a huge fan of military, this one piece made me fall in love. 

I am wearing: 

Quilted Military Jacket with Embroidery: Diesel FW16
Leather Dress with Embroidery: Zara
Ankle Boots with Silver Buckles: Diesel FW16
Watch: Swatch
Hat: H&M

Photography by

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