Mittwoch, 29. März 2017

A step in direction sustainable fashion

When talking about trends I am always a bit cautious. For me style is not about following the newest fashion trends but way more about finding your own taste. 
This is why you see many pieces on my blog way more than just once. I am for choosing timeless pieces and keeping them for a long time. One piece which will join my wardrobe is this dark blue dress with a clean cut. It is elegant but not formal. Tchibo launched a sustainable fashion collection and this dress is one of the pieces I really love. 

Fashion gets even more beautiful if it comes from fair production. 

As I have a rather sporty style I dressed it down with the sneakers. Together with the star blazer and my little bag with zip details the outfit is complete. So it's a very easy combo with dress, blazer and sneakers. Pieces everyone of us has at home. I think the blazer is in my wardrobe for about 10 years now - and I still love it. To upgrade it to a business look you can easily wear it with heels instead of the sneakers and you've instantly got your business look. 

I'm wearing: 
Dress: Tchibo
Shoes: Adidas
Blazer: Zara
Bag: Diesel 

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Freitag, 24. März 2017

How to style your spring outfit with denim

Happy Friday!

It's been a week since I was invited to a very special shopping experience in the Glatt Shopping Center in Zurich. 
We had exactly one hour to choose our items for our favorite spring looks. To make it easier we had a  defined budget and a bodyguard helping us with holding bags and calculating. This was such a new experience - I always wanted to help him carry my stuff. But he was a real gentlemen guiding me through the mall and even giving fashion advice. Sometimes you need to ask men what they think. And I had my brother with me as support as well. So this is the result. 
A very comfy denim outfit for a casual daily look in spring. 
I'm wearing blouse and trousers from Zara and Sneakers from Adidas which I've got at the Snipes Shop (an absolute dream for every sneaker lover!) I added some statement pieces from my existing wardrobe and that's it, my spring denim look.

Thanks Glatt for the #Glattshoppingdream - it was a truly special evening! 

I'm wearing: 

Boyfriend Denim with Emroidery: Zara
Striped Blouse: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas
Bag: Diesel
Sunglasses: Wonderland Stateline

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Sonntag, 19. März 2017

Ball Nights At The Zurich Opera House

A little while ago we got the honor to take part at the "Opernball" in Zurich. As it was on a rather short notice I had no other chance to get a dress than to order it online as my schedule did not allow me to go shopping. So Zalando was my hero once more. Overnight delivery is just really amazing in such situations. 
One of the dresses which arrived at my home was this one - sadly I couldn't wear it for the ball because I have to get it adapted to my height first. But I am already looking forward to wear this gem to another ball night in the future. Feeling like a real princess - even though I could not resist to pair the Adidas Superstar with the dress. 
The Operaball was really one of the most amazing events I ever attended. The fact that it took place in the historic operahouse and everyone was dressed in black tie and beautiful long dresses made it so special. There was a classy part with a little opera and a ballet and of course the debutants opened the ball with a waltz. But we also spent some time dancing salsa in between palms in the Bernhard Theatre or listened to a ABBA cover Band.
We had the happiest time and I am already really looking forward to next years Operaball. 
Thank you so much for having us! <3

I am wearing: 

Evening gown: Unique
Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

Skate in Style

Just chilling with my skate in my favorite all black look.
Getting prepared to get smashed tonight. I learned from a skater the last time that this is apparently one ofthe most complicated sports. Well - I need some bravery first for drop in's and co. and then we can use the brain for those fancy tricks as well. But it's gonna be practice, practice, practice. 

There are some nice indoor halls where you can train. Or just stand in the corner and watch those guys and girls who actually can skate. But we are still motivated to give it a go. You can't just keep skating straight on the streets if there is so much more you could do with the skate. 
So I will give it a go and keep you updated. 

I am wearing: 

Cashmere Turtleneck: La Redoute R Essentiell
Pinstripe Blazer: La Redoute R Essentiell
Cap: Diesel 

Skateboard deck: Doodah
Coffee Table: La Redoute Interieurs
Grande Central Station Print: Vintage


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