Montag, 29. August 2016

Street Boy and Girl

For once a different kind story from a collaboration with the guys from "Lips Brothers". 

Photography by Moritz Lips. Modelling by Marina and Oliver Lips
Written by Oliver Lips.

"This is a story about a boy and a girl, both rebellious, curious about life and still figuring out who they eventually want to become. Somewhere between friendship and love they wander the streets in search of something indescribable. The city already seems too small and the urge to travel and discover new places and meet new people grows from day to day.

And so they set out for new experiences - her dressed in a tartan dress with a leather jacket and boots and him wearing a bomber jacket over an unbottoned shirt, some track pants and a pair of sneakers. 

To be continued..."

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Marina is wearing:

Diesel Simin Leather Jacket 

Freitag, 26. August 2016

Dreaming about surfing

As I am currently facing the situation to not be able to go on a trip I am seeking for other solutions to get some "surf" done.
We might not have an Ocean but we do have a Lake and Rivers. 
One of the easiest things is to go paddling. Some say it is boring but I love to be in the water in the evenings just before the sunset. And you can train your arms and back to be ready for the next Trip. 
I usually go with friends so it is a fun get together. 

For the Ones seeking for more action, you should try Up Stream Surfing. In a team you can make it possible to surf up the river thanks to a special invention of Simon, the guy behind this project. 
It is always great fun and lots of nice people. And something similar to that surf in the waves. 
With a Myclubs sportcard you can take classes either with a monthly submission or purchase a card you can use 10 times for all the sport events they offer. So don't miss it - they offer it with MyClubs every friday night. Here you can find the details. 

If you haven't got enough, there is the Surf Zurich Community. (They will throw a party on Saturday 27th of August) There are several nice events happening during the year, just follow them on Facebook to stay posted about what is going on. Or take part in the next surftrip. 

If you are able to take a longer weekend I can highly recommend the Element Called Water Surf Camp in Soustons, next to Hossegor. After being there for a week, we fell in love with this place and never wanted to leave. A real gem at the Atlantic Coast of France. With the most friendly hosts, a dreamy garden, a Skatebowl and even a Miniramp in their Bar where they serve delicious drinks after a self cooked dinner. The ones following me on Instagram might have seen some pictures already. 

Thanks David Biedert for the pictures. Getting up at 5am in the morning was definitely worth paddling into the sunrise. 

Donnerstag, 25. August 2016

For Yoga Lovers - Lululemon in Zurich

A while ago I was attending the opening of the Lululemon flagship store in Zurich. 
First of all - the location is amazing. Lululemon really throw a party with probably the coolest people in Zurich. Fashion and sport came together and with so many relaxed yoga lovers you can't but just have a good time. It is not only a store but also a place to get together and get inspired. Not to forget that they have the most comfortable sportswear. 

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Dress: Carven for La Redoute
Gladiator Sandals: similar here
Belt: Diesel 
Bag: Mango
Necklace: La vie est belle via Pompidou

Donnerstag, 4. August 2016

The perks of traveling - tips and tricks for more comfortable journeys and some magic memories.

While I was writing this article I was sitting at the airport in Bordeaux for many hours after a sleepless night. That's what you get if you book super early flights. Boarding at 5.30 am is just not really my thing. But if you want to travel there is sometimes no other way - because there is not endless money for those perfect flights. Unless you travel smart - something I am still trying to bring to perfection. 

As I was waiting for my friend to join from another part of Europe, I was currently enjoying my stay at the airport in an outdoor Starbucks in the sun. And Iced coffee and some sun always manage to make me happy. We headed to Hossegor for the first time. As we are always traveling super last minute we've just booked accommodation and the car on the same day as we departed. As a frequent traveller I want to share some things that make traveling easier and more comfortable. Maybe I'll extend this from time to time - but for now this is a start with some points I've learned. 

Booking Accommodation: 

Here I should improve a lot by myself. Always last minute and looking up too many possibilities we get stuck in all those choices. What used to be super helpful are Facebook groups where you can ask people with the same travel goals for their experiences. There is for example a group called surftravellers where you can ask for a place to stay, the best waves, surfschools or just to meet up with some surfers at the place you're heading to. This is something I love because by meeting locals you always feel home wherever you are. I often use pages like Kayak to compare flights and hotels and of course as well Airbnb. Especially for Airbnb you should not book too late because then the cool places are gone. And if you travel as a group you can get amazing places on the platform. 

Car Rental: 

For surftrips you often need a car. Unless you don't stay at a place where you have the spots just in front of your door. Don't let yourself fool by those guys at the agency who try to sell you another insurance on top. When you take the option with fully comprehensive insurance, you can add the option with zero deductible so you are completely safe. And with many credit cards you have already an insurance As we are always having troubles with double insurances with car hire agencies I can only recommend to check the insurance you might have with your credit card. 
With the Visa LibertyCard you can rent a car at Avis and have your deductible already insured. 

Cancelled flights and lost baggage:

I am a real specialist if it comes to delayed or cancelled flights. As I travel often, I face this situation regularly. It happens, that the airline companies just try to give you a voucher for flights with their planes instead of paying you the money back you had to pay for a hotel night because of a cancelled flight. Check your rights on the webpage of the airline company and then hand in all the details and receipts via email. And - don't accept the first offer they make you, if they don't pay you in money but want to give you a voucher, if you do not agree with the amount. 
And if you are at the airport, something I've learned is to immediately call the hotline, while waiting in line with the other passengers to get another flight or hotel. And if you are able to speak a not so common language, choose this one in the hotline - they pick up much faster than on the german or english one. And what would I do an a blog journey with a lost baggage. I don't want to think about loosing my camera, or not knowing where it is. But as well not having your outfits to shoot can be a problem. So be prepared and keep having insurances for these cases. 

During my trips I had countless experiences where I wished that I'd had the best insurance possible.With the Visa Liberty Card you have most things covered and you can even collect points you can exchange to get reduction on further travels. And you get all the security you wish for while traveling. Because the most important thing while traveling is to enjoy all the moment you experience and not to let you stop because of trifles. So having a good preparation helps a lot. I will check how traveling will be with this special Visa LibertyCard with a very wide offer for travelers. 

And the most important thing - I want to share some of those magic moments you can enjoy - when you don't have to worry about anything. Captured on film they find step by step the way into my home in prints on my walls and now once more on my blog for a special travel story. If you plan to travel to one of these destinations - don't hesitate to ask me for tips. I am happy to share and I'd love to hear your stories. It is always nice to get some tips and tricks from fellow travelers. 

Cascais - Portugal

We were in Lisbon and headed to this lovely fisher village about an hour north. Big plus - next to its picturesque look the village offers as well some surfspots. 

Rome - Italy
Rome is always a good idea. I can't get enough of the beauty of the architecture and of the italian flair. As an art history student, I am getting the full immersion of museums whenever I am there. 

And - my alltime favorite  - San Sébastian - Spain 

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Montag, 1. August 2016

French Riviera

For once more just some outfit inspiration, as I am traveling to France and felt like putting out some french riviera chic before I hop into hoodies and jeans again for the surf trip. 
Has anyone of you been to Hossegor or Biarritz and some tips to share? 
I will come up with a bigger blogpost with some travel hacks the next days.. 

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Striped Sweater: Nili Lotan
High waist straight cropped denims: Goldsing 
Fedora: Rag & Bone
Shoes: H&M

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