Freitag, 9. November 2018

One day in Maastricht - Hotel Fitz Roy

We've spent about 24hours in Maastricht as our second stop on our roadt rip through Belgium. The students town in the west of Netherlands turned out to be a really lovely place. It reminded me of Amsterdam but as a small and more relaxed version with less tourists. This after having driven for at least an hour through Maastricht to find a parking place - because one thing is for sure, it is not a very car friendly place.We stayed at the Fitz Roy Hotel in the heart of the city and couldn't have made a better choice. The room was under the roof and had beautiful wooden beams and the most comfortable bed you can imagine. The hotel has a bar and a restaurant open to public with a nice menu and great drinks. For breakfast they even offered vegan options like special pancakes accompanied by great coffee.

I'm wearing: 

Skinny Jeans: Diesel
Leather Boots with straps: Diesel
Leather Jacket: Diesel
Bag: Diesel
Scarf: Boss

Photos: Tom James

Samstag, 3. November 2018

Belgium Travel Experience - Hautes Fagnes - Eifel Nature Park

To explore Belgium was on my list for quite a long time. I have heard so many good things about the cities of Maastricht and Antwerp. We started in Stuttgart driving up through a big stretch of Germany to Belgium. Our first destination was one of the oldest nature reserves of the country in the eastern part of Belgium. We stayed in a village called Jalhay in the lovely little Hotel "Au vieux hêtre" only a few minutes away from the Hautes Fagnes - Eifel Nature Park. I was pretty impressed by the landscape since I have never seen something like this before. Grown up in Switzerland, I am used to mountain sceneries but no moors or venns. And on top the autumn season made it even more special since the colors looked absolutely amazing. 

I am wearing: 

Diesel Combat Boots with Leather Straps
Vegan Leather Pants NYC Vintage
Prada Outerwear Jacket
Deus Ex Machina Hoodie 

Photos: Tom James

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2018

Summertime in Holywell Bay

Summer is here and it's time for outdoor adventures, swimming in the sea and a lot of laughter. 
While spending some days in Cornwall I discovered so many beautiful places. It's literally a little paradise on earth. Although the weather is not always the brightest it is still magnificent. 

I got to team up with La Redoute to pick my favorite summer looks and here is one of it. I love this dress since it is sporty yet classy and you're dressed within a minute. The bomberjacket is the perfect fit. In England you always have to be prepared for the weather, since it is changing non stop. 
We shot these pictures in the bay of Holywell. It reminded me a lot of Bag End in Lord of the Rings. 
Enjoy your Sunday evening! 

I am wearing: 

Jewelry: Malaika Raiss

Photos by Tom James

Sonntag, 1. April 2018

Operaball Zurich

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend the Zurich Opera Ball for the second year in a row. I was so much looking forward to this evening ever since I’ve got the invitation. I still had the year before in mind as one of the most beautiful nights of the year.

Our high expectations were more than fulfilled. I was again delighted by the wonderful program they had planned for the night. Together with three lovely girls we celebrated with a piece of  the opera sung by Camilla Nylund and Bryn Terfel followed by a little excerpt oft he nutcracker and the mouse king ballet. Afterwards the debutants opened the ball night with a waltz. 

Before the ball I got a special treatment from Treatwell at the Pedro Sanchez Salon. They made me look like a princess. Never have I had my hair done in such a beautiful way. The ladies were doing an amazing job at the salon and I had such a pleasant time. 
With Treatwell you can easily book your beauty appointments via app. Which is for me a huge plus, since I am always last minute with such things. Pedro Sanchez offers the full program with Haircut, Hairdo, Make Up and Nails. And I could just book everything the night before. Of course your chance of having your favorite salon and timeframe available gets higher the earlier you book.


And to give you the chance to also enjoy this experience I offer a special code for a Treatwell booking to my readers. With the Code BONSOIR50 you get 50CHF off of your first booking. The value of your booking must be higher than 55CHF and it is valid until April 10th. 

I am looking forward to hear from you which treatment you choose! 

The dress I am wearing is from Frock and Frill and the Pearls are a gift from my Mom. 
I reused the dress since I first really like it and second try to step more into sustainable fashion and don't support fast fashion. 

Montag, 19. März 2018

Bedtime Rituals with Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder

 A while ago I was invited by Estée Lauder to take part in a special event in relation to the Advanced Night Repair Product line.
After a touch up by the Make Up Artists from Estée Lauder and the styling by Meghan from Sport LES (btw the LES stands for Lower East Side) I got the privilege to enjoy a private Yoga Lesson guided by Carolina Fischer from Atha Yoga. Her husband Roland Fischer took pictures during the class to make sure I can share the experience with you. 
We had the wonderful chance to get a full relaxing treatment to understand the importance of calming down and pampering routines. The SPA effect of this serum was highlighted by the structure of the event. A room filled with lovely people, enough time to unwind and to learn about the Advanced Night Repair Product line.

In terms of beauty care I always take off my make up - even if I do not wear a lot, it is important to me to let my skin breathe. A very tender product is the Advanced Night Repair Cleansing Balm. I just love the smell and the functionality of this product. It is so super soft and smells like lavender and camomille. It cleans the skin and gives her essential nutrients back. 
Afterwards I apply the Advanced Night Repair Serum. Fun Fact: the ANR serum was one of the very first luxurious beauty products I bought as a teenager and I was and still am convinced that it helped my skin a lot. It is repairing all the damages my skin was suffering from.  Especially if I am working a lot I can feel the difference with these products on my skin. It looks fresh and firm even with a lack of sleep. And I really like the scent as it is very mild. 


To calm down after stressful and hectic days I started to do some rituals before going to bed. I always have some with calming ingredients. As soon as I plan to go to bed I dim the lights. Something I know would really help in terms of sleep is to avoid being on the phone or laptop some hours before you go to bed. The blue light makes your brain awake and keeps you away from sleeping. But I am still working on this and try to rather read a book than stare on the phone. Some goals for a better night time routine. 
Something that would also help is a calming Yin Yoga session before you go to bed. Like this your body and mind can unwind. I will definitely try this out since after my Yoga Class with Carolina at the Atha Yoga Studio I am again in the mood to practice more Yoga. 
What are you doing to improve your sleeping habits?  

If you head over to my lovely blogger friends, Katrin from Sonrisa, Sandra from Sandras Closet, Janine and Jacqueline you can learn even more about the serum and our very special personal experience with Estée Lauder. A huge thank you to the Estée Lauder Team for having me with you - it was wonderful! 

So - good night, and take care! 

Montag, 8. Januar 2018

Winter Layering Streetstyle

I can't deny I am a lover of warm temperatures. As well because you don't need to wear that many clothes. But the positive thing in winter is that you can play a lot with your style through the layering technique. And as you all know fashion bloggers are not really wearing their looks the way they shoot it all day long. So please add a cozy fluffy jacket on top of this look, with a beanie and a scarf and you've got the right picture in your head. But why not pretend for a little moment that it's all cozy and warm outside. I remember that day it was super cold and I just came back from Fuerteventura, having a little temperature shock and being far from ready for anything below 20 degrees. 
But the warm coffee at Puro in the background brought me back to live. If you fancy a good brunch, I can highly recommend this place on weekends. You get everything from Avocado Toast to Açai Bowl and Pancakes. 

I am wearing a total look from the Diesel SS18 Collection.
Pictures by David Biedert

Skincare Routine For Clear And Fresh Skin With Eucerin

Ihr Lieben 

Ich hoffe ihr hattet einen wunderbaren Start in die neue Woche. Der Januar ist der Monat der guten Vorsätze. Beziehungsweise sind sie zumindest zu Beginn des Jahres noch etwas präsenter. Persönlich bin ich kein grosser Fan von strikten Vorsätzen, aber auch ich nutze den Motivationsschub den einem der Jahresbeginn aufgrund unseres kulturellen Hintergrundes mitbringt als Chance um einige Dinge aus einer neuen Perspektive zu betrachten. 
Am wichtigsten für mich ist es, einen Lebensstil zu führen, der zu meinem allgemeinen Wohlbefinden  und Glücksgefühl beiträgt. Dazu gehört eine bewusste Ernährung genauso wie ausreichend Bewegung, viel Schlaf und die Einstellung sich nicht allzu viele Sorgen um die banalen Dinge des Lebens zu machen.  Das hilft nämlich uns allen, mehr Energie für unsere privaten und beruflichen Ziele zu haben. Viel mehr wünsche ich mir für das neue Jahr, Momente einfach geniessen zu dürfen, Freude mit Familie und Freunden zu teilen und positive Gedanken zu streuen. 
Sorge tragen zu Körper und Geist setzt sich auch in der Pflege fort. Besonders die Haut ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil unseres Erscheinungsbildes. Mit gesunder, reiner Haut fühlt man sich wohl. Nur ist das besonders in stressigen Zeiten manchmal nicht ganz einfach. Besonders da treten häufiger Unreinheiten auf. Eine gesunde Ernährung und die richtige Pflege helfen hier. Ich benutze sehr wenig Produkte aber aufs Abschminken vor dem Zubettgehen verzichte ich nie. Und - wenn dann doch Unreinheiten auftauchen gilt, Finger weg! Einfach mit der normalen Pflege fortfahren und der Haut die Zeit geben zu heilen.
Über die Weihnachtstage habe ich für Eucerin ihre Dermopure Care Line ausprobiert. Sie verspricht frische, reine Haut. Meine persönliche Erfahrung war positiv, meine Haut fühlte sich frisch und klar an nach der Anwendung der Produkte. Das Eucerin​ ​DermoPURIFYER​ ​Waschpeeling habe ich nicht täglich sondern bloss einmal die Woche benutzt. Das Eucerin​ ​DermoPURIFYER​ ​Gesichts-Tonic habe ich täglich benutzt, so wie auch das Eucerin​ ​Dermopure​ ​Hautbilderneuerndes​ ​Serum. Ich war positiv überrascht, wie sanft die Produkte sind. Ich muss allerdings sagen dass ich mich sehr glücklich schätze, nicht mit akuten Hautproblem wie Akne zu leiden. Aber auch hier wird die Linie empfohlen. Wer selber schon die Produkte ausprobiert hat, kann vielleicht seine Rückmeldung dazu in den Kommentaren schreiben. 

Für mich persönlich ist es auch immer wichtig, dass die Pflegeprodukte möglichst wenig, beziehungsweise im Besten Fall keine schädlichen Inhaltsstoffe beinhalten. Ich prüfe meine Kosmetik jeweils über die Seite Codecheck um zu kontrollieren, welche Inhaltsstoffe vermieden werden sollen. Eucerin liegt hier gerade in meinen persönlichen Standardvorschriften. 

Und nie vergessen, das schönste ist ein Lächeln im Gesicht. Mögen im neuen Jahr die Glücksmomente überwiegen und uns strahlen lassen!

Ich wünsche euch eine gute Woche! 

Ich trage: 
Pulli und Socken: Adidas
Lackhosen: Stradivarius
Uhr: Maurice Lacroix


*Dieser Beitrag ist in Kollaboration mit Eucerin entstanden. 




Dear All, 
I hope you had a great start into the new week! Since January is always the month of new years resolutions I am gonna share part of mine. I am not a big fan of resolutions in general but somehow the new year always brings some fresh air due to our cultural habits of celebrating a "new beginning" with every year. This usually gives you the little extra motivation to stick to your goals a bit more. 
I can say that I only chose goals that contribute to happiness. There is no "exercise more" or "eat healthy" just in terms to get in shape, but mainly to stay fit and have the energy to keep on pursuing all my plans in life. 
Another part of my resolutions beside taking good care of body and mind is the right skincare. It is important to me to take care of my clear skin. Sometimes, especially in stressful times it is more difficult to keep your face without rednesses. Healthy food habits and the ritual of always cleaning your face from any make up before going to bed helps a lot. And in case there are some skin blemishes - the best is to leave them alone. Just keep going with your normal skincare and give them some time to heal. 
To support a clear and fresh skin I tried out the Dermopure Care Line of Eucerin. They have a product line called which is composed out of five products. I tested them over Christmas and I have to say I for myself am happy with the results. I am lucky to not have to fight with any skin problems like acne, but still could say my skin felt clean and fresh after the usage. I don't use a peeling on a daily base but whenever I feel like I need a deeper cleaning of the skin I used the The Eucerin Dermo PURIFYER peeling. On a daily base I used the Eucerin​ ​DermoPURIFYER​ ​Tonic and the Eucerin Dermopure​ ​Complexion renewing ​serumI was surprised how gentle the products are and also the matting effect of the moisturizer cream was a positive factor. 
For me it is also very important that products contain as little harming ingredients as possible - and in best case none of them. I run them through a program called codecheck to see if a product is vegan or contains alcohol and so on. Also there Eucerin passed the test for my personal standards.

Maybe some of you have already tried the products above and can share their experiences in the comments? 
And after all - keep living your life as happy as possible. Make the moments count and laugh a lot - a smile will always make you prettiest!

I am wearing: 
Sweater and Socks: Adidas
Varnish Pants: Stradivarius
Watch: Maurice Lacroix

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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Eucerin.

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