Samstag, 29. März 2014

Flea Market Saturday in Zurich

I love to stroll through the flea markets which always take place on saturdays in zurich. Today there was a bike market as well, so I've got myself a new bicycle! I'm going to discover Zurich by bike from now on. It gives me kind of a summer feeling, if you can go everywhere with your bike. Have a nice weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!

I'm wearing:

Sweater : Klamott
Shoes: Chloé Susanna Boots
Leather Jacket: H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection
Bag: Mango 

Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Escape - Weekend Getaway

These pictures were made in - you won't believe it - lovely germany. I was surprised how small the distance between zurich and konstanz is. So we escaped for two days. It's such a different atmosphere, it felt being far away from switzerland.

I'm wearing:

Ankle Boots with silver buckles: Zara
Glasses: Zara
Backless dress: H&M
Bag: Mango

Montag, 24. März 2014

Styling Crush of the Day - Josephine Skriver for Swedish Elle

This is perfection. I love the sporty Styling. 

Photography: Jimmy Backius
Model: Josephine Skriver
Styling: Josephine Aune
Hair and makeup: Kristina Kullenberg

Found via fashiongonerouge

Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Awake - Waiting for Springtime

I still remember the day, we shot those pictures a year ago. Almost springtime..but not yet. 

Photography: Yves Bachmann,
Styling: Maria Roström
Hair and Make up: Rachel Wolfisberg

Freitag, 21. März 2014

The Circus Zurich - Hair and Make up school

I had the opportunity to have a look at Björn von Rotz's Hair and Make up school in zurich, called The Circus. The school is installed in the most amazing interior and located in the heart of zurich. 
Not only the atmosphere is very special, but especially the way they teach. 
Some of the best Hair and Make up Artists are in the team, with the aim to unite people with passion.
It's not only about how to style hair at its best, but to create your own style, to go further with your ideas and connect between the disciplines.
If I would have a little more talent for hairdos, I would subscribe immediately. But I love to get my hair done from time to time by the wonderful Lilith Amrad, who's also in the team. 

She did this wonderful hairstyling and the make up, you see on the pictures below. Thank you Lilith!

To get more informations about the school, and to see more pictures go to The Circus. 

I'm wearing: 

Silk Blouse: Sandro Paris
Leatherpants: H&M
Shoes with silver buckles: Zara
Jewelry: Forever 21, VanRycke

Pictures by , Editing by Bonsoir Chérie

Pictures were made by the lovely Steffi from Thank you!

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Sunny Day with URBANEARS

I really enjoy those sunny days we're having right know. As you might have read in a former article, I'm able to give away one pair of these colorful headphones from urbanears! So to take part in the competition, read the article on the blog: what i would wear on a fashionweek, and how to combine urbanears! There you can find out, how to win those headphones!

I'm wearing:

Waxed Jeans: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Bikerjacket: Zara
Chain Belt: Zara
Ankle Boots: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Round Sunnies: Zara
Headphones: Urbanears

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

You wish it was Chanel

Classy Look in black and white, stripes and blouse.

I'm wearing:
Blouse: Mango
Striped Sweater: Zara
Zip Pants: H&M
Ankle Boots: Zara
Quilted Jacket: Sandro Paris
Hat: H&M

I hope you enjoyed such a sunny weekend as I did and wish you all a happy sunday evening.

Montag, 3. März 2014

Style à la Parisienne

I just got this fabulous jacket at Sandro's in sale. So happy with it. It really is extremely light and comfortable. Not the right weather for it yet, but I'm sure, the sun will come. 
Combined with a black sandro silk blouse with white collar - which makes me look like a nun, somehow. 
Wearing my favorite jeans with zips, paired with some ankle boots with silver details and a striking heel. 

I wish you all a nice evening and don't forget to write your comment below the last post about an outfit for paris fashion week. You can win some super cool headphones in blue from Urban Ears!!!

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I'm wearing:

Silk Blouse with white collar: Sandro
Quilted Jacket: Sandro
Waxed Jeans with Zips: H&M
Boots: H&M

Sonntag, 2. März 2014

What to wear on Paris Fashion Week - Floral Neoprene and Leatherskirt featuring URBANEARS

Hi lovelies!

I had so many projects going on the last weeks there was very little time for blogging.
Now university started again, some very intensive projects are finished and I'm able to focus more on blogging again. This is an outfit I would've loved to wear on paris fashion week. I wasn't able to take part this spring, but there is going to be another paris fashion week..
Already missing the city a lot. So this is my homage to paris. Waiting for spring, wearing some colors again and listening to some happy music with my new fantastic headphones from URBANEARS.
I'm able to give some of these fabulous headphones away to you! You can win the same pair in blue!

Just become a follower of my blog, give me a like on facebook, and write a comment below with your Email, and your favorite song!

I'm wearing:

Neoprene Floral Print Shirt: H&M Trend Collection
Leatherskirt: Vintage
Shoes with golden chains: Zara
Backpack: H&M Men
Headphones: URBANEARS

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