Freitag, 18. April 2014

Bonsoir Chérie wants to say THANK YOU !

In a few days, I'm turning 24 and my Blog is turning 2. Time to think about my wishes. As I'm a very happy girl right know, being healthy, having a wonderful family and friends around me, there isn't anything deeply needed on top right now. 

I just wanted to thank all those who supported me so much, during these two years. All the friends and my family members, who took pictures of me in various outfit on many places all over the world. All of them were always so patiently and just made amazing photographs - the most important part of my blog.

And the ones who made it possible to have the feeling its worth doing all of this. You. Your comments and feedbacks are very important to me. To hear you like what I'm doing makes me happy. Thank you for you time!

And I want to say thanks to all the partners, who cooperated with Bonsoir Chérie. I'm still honoured to work with so many great companies. Thank you for your confidence.

In two years of hard work, countless hours spent in taking pictures, editing, writing and planning articles. There were always those moments, where I wasn't sure, where all of this is leading to. Is there a sense in posting pictures of my daily outfits, writing about fashion and lifestyle? But for me it always was part of my way to make my dream come true, to be able to participate in the fashion world. As a writer, stylist oder editor. And who knows, where this blog is leading me to.

Today, I really can say it was worth it. All those opportunities I had through the blog, and especially the people I've met. I've got to know so many wonderful people. No matter if they are bloggers, PR Agents, Photographers - so many of them really made my day when meeting up.  

Some of my most wonderful moments during my time as a blogger. I could post tons of images.
But all I want to say is: Thank you!

Some wonderful days in Paris, when some of my favorite pictures where made. Thanks to the boy who made all those wonderful pictures from the article Ballet de Paris.

Days in Berlin - a city where I spent a lot of time. Last visit was in january for my very first fashion week outside of switzerland.

Sneakerness in Paris. Staying in the most amazing rooftop apartment in whole paris, with the most adorable hosts.

First Pictures made with a my new canon, an very happy about the quality.

Flower Power for Weleda.

Pictures after a wonderful working day with an amazing team. Thank you Fabian!

Met those wonderful girls in Berlin at the Fashionweek. You are wonderful! <3

Meeting Kristina Bazan at the Stylight Afterparty.

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