Montag, 7. Dezember 2015

Back in the 90ies

I love taking out some vintage pieces I've got for a long time and restyle it. 
The leather jacket was a gift of a friend and I guess this kind of jacket is back in style now. So there is a second life for this garment. 
The same with the hat - it took me more than four years till I first wore it after I got it. Now I'm deeply in love with it. I'm a keeper - so my wardrobe is being a stock of forgotten pieces which are waiting for their second life as soon as fashion is asking for it. Or just as soon as I am in the mood for something special.

The moment I write this I am on my way to a hotel opening in Davos with my best one from Bellemelle Blog. Very excited to breathe in some fresh mountain air..I'll share some insights on Facebook and instagram(@bonsoircherieblog) today and tomorrow. So make sure to follow me!

I'm wearing: 

Leather Biker Jacket: Vintage - similar here
Sweater: H&M
Belt: Diesel 
Boots: Zara - similar here

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