Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2017

Vintage Winter Holidays

Dear All 

Winter Holidays are here for the constant switch from eating delicious food, sitting inside with a hot chocolate and watch the same old Christmas movies over and over again. 

To make sure I can fully enjoy those inside activities I love to have an outdoor break in between. As we live super close to a wonderful valley we often drive up there and go for a walk through fairytale forests or as we did yesterday go for skating. I think I am having the oldest skies and very vintage adidas skating shoes which I fancy a lot. Together with Mom's glacier googles and Dad's headband it makes me feel like I time travelled to the past. And since this winter I am equipped with some beautiful gear from Odlo and Ammann Shoes which I wanna share with you. I love it when functionality looks so fashionable. Since I tried on the ski undergarment of Odlo two years ago I don't wanna miss it anymore. I use their Blackcomb Evolution combo for skating, snowboarding and sometimes even if I go running in the cold and it always keeps me warm but aerated. You can't really see it in the picture, you can only guess how it looks like when you spot the sleeves where it says "I care"
This red jacket was a lovely Christmas gift by Odlo from their Vintage line and it's called Anette. It is perfect for skating as it keeps the wind away.  

The shoes you can see on my pictures are from Ammann Shoes. A traditional swiss family business since 1917 which is located in Oberentfelden. They name their shoes by famous Valleys and Villages in Switzerland, preferably some where you find a lot of snow. And there is even one shoe with the name of my hometown, Luzern. The shoes are produced in the Piemont in Italy, high quality is guaranteed. I fell in love with their signature red shoe laces and the fact that they are the most comfy and safe pair of winter boots you can imagine. Lined with sheepskin and with a resistant sole they are ideal for those fairytale forest walks I spoke about in the beginning. 
Let's see how long I can keep them for myself, my mom already has an eye on them since she just fell in love with the shoes. 

I wish you a wonderful time during your winter holidays! 

I'm wearing: 

Jacket Anette: Odlo
Sport Pants: Odlo
Winterboot "Town": Ammann Shoes
Sunglasses: Vintage Mom's Own
Headband: Vintage Dad's Own
Neckerchief: Vintage
Ski Underwear: Odlo Blackcomb Evolution

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