Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

Stay healthy with fruit power and make some smoothies.

 During summer time we've seen all those colorful smoothies everywhere. Now it's time to think about this colorful healthy drinks again. When the days get colder we need to get our vitamins more than ever. So there's no easier way than mix up some fruits together and have a smoothie. I found a very recomandable mixer from WMF on Galaxus. It is very easy to handle - just cut the vegetables and fruits you wanna have in your smoothie in pieces, add a little bit of water - and mix it up. There are many cool recipes in the internet. I prefer the easy ones - because of lack in time. The one I made is with bananas and mangoes and it so simple but yet delicious. And the mixer is just very handy. I found mine on Galaxus and it's perfect because you have an extra lid for to go. So you can just prepare your smoothie for to go. Galaxus is an online store were you can find high quality for an  excellent price. There are a lot of electronics and everything you need for your home in the shop.

Find some delicious smoothie recipes on this wonderful blog. I'm sure you won't get bored with all this recipes.
I also can highly recommend this book about smoothie recipes from GU. 

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