Dienstag, 21. April 2015

Birthday Thoughts - Thank You !

After another year full of experiences I am turning 25 today. I almost feel a little old. Although the cashiers keep asking me for an ID when I'm buying wine at the supermarket. 

The blog is running for 3 years now and brought me countless emotions. Positive and sometimes reactions which almost made me quit this page. But as I was able to get to know some wonderful people and to learn things I'd never have learned otherwise I'll keep doing this in the future. I hope to give some of you out there some inspiration. Even if it's just about what to wear today. 
Due to a new challenge with kind of a dream job I am not able to post as often as I used to. But I will try to feed the blog as much as possible. There is so much left to share with you guys. And I'd love to keep sharing moments with you and to take you to other places of the world.

Thank you for following the blog and for your support. Without my wonderful friends and family who are taking all these pictures and giving a huge support - all of this wouldn't be possible. <3 

Always keep in mind there is coming a lot more for us. And mostly when you're expecting it least. 
So have a happy day with lots of surprises. Today I won't share an outfit  - but happy moments - may there be many more. 

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