Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Sporty Spice x Adidas

Since the Adidas Superstar Sneakers got such a huge revival Adidas is very present in my mind. 
I love this sporty sweater it is to fashionable to wear it for sports. I paired it with some very old but still fancy sneakers. I especially like the neon colored logo detail on the shoes. I almost never throw pieces away - some years later they could come in fashion again - you never know. The good stuff always comes back. 

I wish you a nice sunday! Happy Easter to all of you!

I'm wearing:

Sweater: Adidas 
Shoes: Adidas 
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Bershka
Neon Cardigan: Forever 21
Skinny Jeans: Zara

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