Montag, 8. Januar 2018

Winter Layering Streetstyle

I can't deny I am a lover of warm temperatures. As well because you don't need to wear that many clothes. But the positive thing in winter is that you can play a lot with your style through the layering technique. And as you all know fashion bloggers are not really wearing their looks the way they shoot it all day long. So please add a cozy fluffy jacket on top of this look, with a beanie and a scarf and you've got the right picture in your head. But why not pretend for a little moment that it's all cozy and warm outside. I remember that day it was super cold and I just came back from Fuerteventura, having a little temperature shock and being far from ready for anything below 20 degrees. 
But the warm coffee at Puro in the background brought me back to live. If you fancy a good brunch, I can highly recommend this place on weekends. You get everything from Avocado Toast to Açai Bowl and Pancakes. 

I am wearing a total look from the Diesel SS18 Collection.
Pictures by David Biedert

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