Montag, 19. März 2018

Bedtime Rituals with Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder

 A while ago I was invited by Estée Lauder to take part in a special event in relation to the Advanced Night Repair Product line.
After a touch up by the Make Up Artists from Estée Lauder and the styling by Meghan from Sport LES (btw the LES stands for Lower East Side) I got the privilege to enjoy a private Yoga Lesson guided by Carolina Fischer from Atha Yoga. Her husband Roland Fischer took pictures during the class to make sure I can share the experience with you. 
We had the wonderful chance to get a full relaxing treatment to understand the importance of calming down and pampering routines. The SPA effect of this serum was highlighted by the structure of the event. A room filled with lovely people, enough time to unwind and to learn about the Advanced Night Repair Product line.

In terms of beauty care I always take off my make up - even if I do not wear a lot, it is important to me to let my skin breathe. A very tender product is the Advanced Night Repair Cleansing Balm. I just love the smell and the functionality of this product. It is so super soft and smells like lavender and camomille. It cleans the skin and gives her essential nutrients back. 
Afterwards I apply the Advanced Night Repair Serum. Fun Fact: the ANR serum was one of the very first luxurious beauty products I bought as a teenager and I was and still am convinced that it helped my skin a lot. It is repairing all the damages my skin was suffering from.  Especially if I am working a lot I can feel the difference with these products on my skin. It looks fresh and firm even with a lack of sleep. And I really like the scent as it is very mild. 


To calm down after stressful and hectic days I started to do some rituals before going to bed. I always have some with calming ingredients. As soon as I plan to go to bed I dim the lights. Something I know would really help in terms of sleep is to avoid being on the phone or laptop some hours before you go to bed. The blue light makes your brain awake and keeps you away from sleeping. But I am still working on this and try to rather read a book than stare on the phone. Some goals for a better night time routine. 
Something that would also help is a calming Yin Yoga session before you go to bed. Like this your body and mind can unwind. I will definitely try this out since after my Yoga Class with Carolina at the Atha Yoga Studio I am again in the mood to practice more Yoga. 
What are you doing to improve your sleeping habits?  

If you head over to my lovely blogger friends, Katrin from Sonrisa, Sandra from Sandras Closet, Janine and Jacqueline you can learn even more about the serum and our very special personal experience with Estée Lauder. A huge thank you to the Estée Lauder Team for having me with you - it was wonderful! 

So - good night, and take care! 

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