Freitag, 11. April 2014

Coachella Look 2014

Because the Coachella Festival just started today, and I'm still not there, at least an outfit inspiration for the hippie -  and flowergirls. And some thoughts about being an almost responsible blogger.
I love good quality in clothes, and I try, to choose more and more only the best materials. I'm no longer hunting the new trends - if I ever did. But I started to act more responsible. And if you try to find out, which pieces last for more than just one season, you and your clothes will have a long term relationship. On these pictures, I'm wearing a comfy cashmere sweater and a silk skirt. And every year in spring, I'm happy to have these two lovelies in my wardrobe.

So there is a site I want to introduce you. It's named PLV Fashion. PLV gives fashion a second chance. You can sell your stuff (of course only in good condition) and buy some secondhand pieces. I really think they have a great concept. Just have a look. Maybe you like it as much as I do.

I found this wonderful plissé skirt from Zara on PLV, I would pair with this lovely rosé colored knit and might add these cute ballerinas from Gaia.

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