Freitag, 18. April 2014

Easter Surprises - recently on my mind.

If you still need to get some little presents for easter, why not bring something different than chocolate?
(Or something on top) I will show you some of the products which were recently on my mind. 

For all of you, who have enough time to relax on easter holidays, some gifts to treat yourself. I love the art book "Don't eat the yellow snow". Quotes out of song texts. Some deep wisdom. Very funny and with some truth in it. And of course, Art Cards and Annabelle - the swiss fashion and lifestyle magazine.

I recently tested the products of Rausch - I wrote about the Rausch shampoo and conditioner before, and I'm very happy with these products. They are for hypoallergenic skin types and therefore without perfume and very natural. Now there is a body lotion in this line as well. Nourishing and gentle for your skin.

For haircare, I absolutely love the products of maroccanoil. You can order all of them via
Here you see the hydrating hair mask.

I found that very cute easter gift at the Lush Shop. You even find a golden glitter egg there. That one smells like caramel - you're going to be in bathing heaven! The cute funny bunny surprise is wrapped in re-useable fabric. Would be fun to hide this. Especially for the little ones a nice surprise. 

The weleda wild rose oil pearls are wonderful for a weekly facial treatment. I use them before going to bed, and the next day, you got smooth skin. And I just love the scent. It smells like you're wandering through a rose garden. Perfect for sweet dreams.

 And if you just can't do it without chocolate, there s the lovely "Miss Pink" from Läderach or some cute Wawi bunnies. 

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