Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

Holiday Outfit in Florence

This is what I wore a lot in my last holidays. We made a little Road trip through italy. Our final goal was  Salvadonica a mind blowing agritourismo near Florence. If you're ever in Florence and you do have some spare time and the aim to calm down, you should definitely visit Salvadonica it is just 45 minutes by car away from the center of florence. 

That's why I was quite absent on the blog the last two weeks. If you want to have more updates, follow Bonsoir Chérie Blog on Facebook or on Instagram (@bonsoircherieblog). I'm always happy to get to know some of my followers as well - if you would like to tell me, where your favorite holiday spot is - I'll might have the time to visit these places somewhen. 

I'm wearing a cotton dress from C&A - they recently impressed with many fashionable designs. And the quality is quite well for what you pay for. The gladiator sandals are from Zara, and quite old. If they were still available, I would instantly get another pair. The bag is from a local market in Florence and is made out of real leather. I hesitated to get it first, because of the resemblance to the Céline Bag. But then i smelled the scent of the leather and heard the price and immediately fell in love with this bag. The girl who sold me the bag, told me she doesn't like to sell black bags, so I went for the pale pink one. 
Not sure if this color will go along with many outfits, but for a white summer look, its the perfect match.

I wish you all a happy weekend - enjoy the sun!

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