Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Nature Cosmetics Online Shopping - Kosmetikon

Kosmetikon is a swiss based online shop for natural beauty products. You will find brands like Figs and Rouge, Jean d'Arcel,  Scotch, Living Nature, Santa Verde or Farfalla,. From Skincare to Nailcolor they have a nice range of products. As I am very into natural cosmetics I was happy to hear about this kind of online store. I tried the Scotch Nailcolors for french nails and the Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel from Santa Verde for a regenerated skin and the Living Nature active manuka honey nourishing hand cream.  The Nailpolish is based on water and with a lot less chemicals. This is the reason why this one doesn't smell as bad as the usual nailpolish. 
The aloe vera hydro repair gel is perfect as overnight skin treatment. And it has a very sweet scent. 
To learn more about the shop and the natural beauty products, head to

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