Sonntag, 8. März 2015

How to style an Overall. Happy Springoutfits

As I first saw this overall in the H&M Advertorial I fell immediately in love with it. 
This is my first spring outfit. I paired the overall with my shiny silver shoes. 

Something that's on my heart is to say thank you. I received so many lovely comments in the past few weeks and I am very grateful about your words. To hear you are following and you are into my outfits is the greatest thing you can do. 
I am having quite a hard time to keep posting because there is so much going on (in a very positive way) and time is very rare your words keep me on track. Thank you <3 

Have a good week everyone!
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I'm wearing:

Overall: H&M - 
Silver Shoes: Takoon
Tote: Diesel 
Watch: Swatch Pushback 

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