Montag, 4. Januar 2016

Story Hotel and Stockholm Streetstyle

Dear Readers 

I hope all of you have had an excellent start into the New Year! My best wishes for all of you. May it be a wonderful one. 

The last days of 2015 passed by so quickly. Togehter with a friend I was in Stockholm for the very first time in the end of December. When we arrived it was all white and still snowing what made us super happy. So the next days we walked through the beautiful nordic winter wonderland. 
We did plenty of shopping and discovered amazing restaurants thanks to our local friend who was as kind to show us around. 

We stayed in downtown Stockholm in the beautiful Story Hotel
Very nice rooms with drawings on the walls and kind of a loft atmosphere. If you plan a trip to Sweden you should definitely check this place out. The outfit pictures below where shot in the area in front of their hotel bar. (Which serves amazing drinks by the way) 
They offer all the commodities you need as a frequent traveller. Super comfy bed, nice bathroom, save big enough for laptop and camera equipment and a strong wifi. 

We were mostly eating during our time in Stockholm. I mean - there were so many possibilies we just couldn't resist. 

My first favorite is the Urban Deli  - a place were you can have a drink at the bar and some appetizers or sit in the restaurant area and order main menues. And right next to it there is a little deli shop where you can buy vegan chocolate(most important thing - and why not try the healthy version for once) and a lot of other good stuff. The one we've been to is near Götgatan the shopping street kind of a NY Soho feeling. The area is called SOFO 

Right next to it was the Restaurant  Nytorget 6

After drinks and appetizers in the Urban Deli we went accross the street to Nytorget 6 for dinner. It was excellent. You rather book your table in advance because it's always packed. They have amazing seafood almost everywhere in the city. 

More about where to eat in Stockholm will come in a further post - with another Stockholm Streetstyle! 

I'm wearing: 

Glasses: Karen Walker
Shearling Jacket: Promod 

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