Freitag, 26. August 2016

Dreaming about surfing

As I am currently facing the situation to not be able to go on a trip I am seeking for other solutions to get some "surf" done.
We might not have an Ocean but we do have a Lake and Rivers. 
One of the easiest things is to go paddling. Some say it is boring but I love to be in the water in the evenings just before the sunset. And you can train your arms and back to be ready for the next Trip. 
I usually go with friends so it is a fun get together. 

For the Ones seeking for more action, you should try Up Stream Surfing. In a team you can make it possible to surf up the river thanks to a special invention of Simon, the guy behind this project. 
It is always great fun and lots of nice people. And something similar to that surf in the waves. 
With a Myclubs sportcard you can take classes either with a monthly submission or purchase a card you can use 10 times for all the sport events they offer. So don't miss it - they offer it with MyClubs every friday night. Here you can find the details. 

If you haven't got enough, there is the Surf Zurich Community. (They will throw a party on Saturday 27th of August) There are several nice events happening during the year, just follow them on Facebook to stay posted about what is going on. Or take part in the next surftrip. 

If you are able to take a longer weekend I can highly recommend the Element Called Water Surf Camp in Soustons, next to Hossegor. After being there for a week, we fell in love with this place and never wanted to leave. A real gem at the Atlantic Coast of France. With the most friendly hosts, a dreamy garden, a Skatebowl and even a Miniramp in their Bar where they serve delicious drinks after a self cooked dinner. The ones following me on Instagram might have seen some pictures already. 

Thanks David Biedert for the pictures. Getting up at 5am in the morning was definitely worth paddling into the sunrise. 

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