Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

Skate in Style

Just chilling with my skate in my favorite all black look.
Getting prepared to get smashed tonight. I learned from a skater the last time that this is apparently one ofthe most complicated sports. Well - I need some bravery first for drop in's and co. and then we can use the brain for those fancy tricks as well. But it's gonna be practice, practice, practice. 

There are some nice indoor halls where you can train. Or just stand in the corner and watch those guys and girls who actually can skate. But we are still motivated to give it a go. You can't just keep skating straight on the streets if there is so much more you could do with the skate. 
So I will give it a go and keep you updated. 

I am wearing: 

Cashmere Turtleneck: La Redoute R Essentiell
Pinstripe Blazer: La Redoute R Essentiell
Cap: Diesel 

Skateboard deck: Doodah
Coffee Table: La Redoute Interieurs
Grande Central Station Print: Vintage


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