Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Autumn Getaway - The Perfect Weekend in the Nature III

After three days in Pertisau we continued our journey to Tegernsee in Bavaria and further to Munich where we enjoyed a day at the Octoberfest. To finish our trip we drove to Schwangau to visit the famous castle "Schloss Neuschwanstein" which was actually the model of several castles in Disney movies. The most breathtaking view was the one from far away, since you could not guess by then how many people are having the same aim and will gaze at the castle next to you. 

We were happy to be supported by Volvo with their brand new V90 Cross Country. In their new campaign it's all about taking a break and living the moment. "You can't live it all, unless you can live fully. Now."Volvo quotes the english philosopher Alan Watts (1959) and hits a topic which is more present than ever. So that's exactly what we did - we took a break, escaped the daily live and enjoyed the forests and nature in Austria and Bavaria. And with the most comfortable car ever as our companion. It was driving almost by itself and allowed a relaxed journey. The amazing soundsystem and the massage function (which honestly surprised us by its quality - even some humans could learn from this car) inside the seat were the cherries on the top. 

Many thanks to Volvo for the kind support and to my amazing driver Michelle <3

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